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Seller's Gig must not be affected if a gig is cancelled due to language related issues

Bear in mind, I am NOT referring to communication issues. I am referring to LANGUAGE issues.
What I have just faced is a gig ordered by someone who is unable to effectively provide me the information required to fulfill the gig, because he or she just does not understand English and is unable to put forward information in English.
As part of a Gig Dispute to Cancellation, a seller’s gig ranking, order completion rate, etc gets affected.
Fiverr is a portal in English and as part of a Cancellation put forth by a seller, one of the reasons SHOULD be “Buyer unable to communicate in English” and if seller selects that reason, then seller MUST NOT get affected in terms of gig ranking, order completion rate, etc.


I am not bashing anyone in any way. I am also not a master of many languages. I know only 4 languages. But, if I am using a service related portal in language “xyz”, I am OBLIGATED to know language “xyz”, if not I need to keep away from that portal or find a portal in my known languages, to service my needs. It is as plain and as simple at this. I apologize if this fact hurts anyone. But, we are all here at Fiverr for some particular purpose(s) and sorry to say, but buyers need to respect our time and realize that we sellers are not magicians, we are normal human beings working for a purpose.


Actually, not long ago Fiverr was showing up in different languages for everyone based on their geographic location. We all went through the development stages of the multi-language site, when we started seeing our dashboards in other languages, which seems to have been fixed now.

What I’m saying is that Fiverr might still show the site in other languages, not just English, and because of that I had several people contact me in their native languages that I couldn’t understand, all because those people were seeing the site translated in their native language. Bad design if you ask me.

I’ve also heard of sellers who looked at the buyers’ profiles to identify their country in order to write the messages in Google Translate and translate them in the buyers’ native tongue, making the language barrier go away :wink: Some of them had become regular clients, even if they spoke in different languages.

True, using Google Translate with problematic buyers can lead to some serious misunderstandings and confusions, which is why I avoid using it :grimacing:

But the bottom line is that Fiverr may not show up only in English, so if you see it in English and your buyer sees in in another language, then the buyer is definitely not obligated to learn English :slight_smile:

I do wonder, though: does anybody know if Fiverr is still being presented in different languages?


Sir, you got it all wrong, sorry to say. It is NOT about what language Fiverr shows in.
Fiverr is basically an English site IN TERMS OF LANGUAGE and it becomes a nightmare when you get a buyer who cannot provide any details for a seller to start working on the gig ordered, because the buyer does not know English. I hope you get my concern now ? Or, it is again an English language issue !!!

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I’m a little confused - is it the buyer or the seller who doesn’t know English? I take it you’re the seller, but I’m not sure from what you’ve said about the seller not knowing English.

Some might say that if your suggestion were to be valid, there would also need to be an option for buyers to cancel based on “Seller unable to communicate in English”.

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Nowhere I have mentioned or referred to the seller not knowing English !!!
It may happen, but we are not into that at the moment. I have NOT mentioned about a seller not knowing English !!!

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I’m sorry - I must be confused - you said

which is why I’m confused about who’s the buyer and who’s the seller. No worries.

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Guess what, you are right : I edited that and corrected it. Thank you.


No problem - maybe chill out a bit? :wink:

Good luck! :sunny:

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Chill out about this ? NO WAY, SORRY.
If a buyer is unable to communicate in English and order gets cancelled due this language issue, then any cancellation DOES affect the Order Completion Rate(s) and that in turn affects Gig Rankings, etc.
So, it is has it’s impacts on serious sellers and a serious seller would NOT “chill out” in this scenario.
If there was zero impact, who bothers ? I would not even post it all here.
But, with the impact it has on serious sellers, IMPOSSIBLE to “chill out” about it.

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I’m not meaning for you to ‘chill out’ about the problem you’ve mentioned - that’s more than understandable. Your replies to posts on the forum seem a little combative - there’s no need to be - we’re a friendly lot here. :slightly_smiling_face:


What you are saying to me is out of place.
Kindly address your concerns about me in an exact and precise manner, not in hints and signs.
“Your replies … seem combative”, “We are a friendly lot here”, etc …
Let me know PRECISELY where I have been “combative” and the EXACT reasons as to why you feel so.
Otherwise whatever you feel would have no meaning to me. Because, I too may “feel” certain things about you (as an example), but I would express my “feelings” along with exact and precise facts.

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And that’s where you got it all wrong, too - because Fiverr is an English site for you and me, but for other people it shows in their native non-English language, which is what I was trying to say all along :wink:

Also, if I were you, I would avoid using so many “UPPERCASE” words, because in the online world uppercase words are seen as “yelling” - just a friendly advice :slight_smile:


Agree with @offlinehelpers Your posts are coming across as very angry, combative to be frank. You are making a lot of people here uncomfortable. You can make the same point you have made here in a completely different tone and nobody would mind. Just my frank opinion. [I know in India we have an outrage culture because of the media/social media, where it is fashionable to be angry and combative, but it doesn’t work elsewhere.]


:rofl: I think you are showing what she means.


Fiverr appears to people in their native non-English language. I never knew that. And then, no wonder they end up providing Gig requirements in their native non-English language.
What are your ideas (from the seller’s point of view) to handle this, bearing in mind that some gig delivery time may be 1 day, also bearing in mind that a seller wants to deliver on time. Because, the communication to and fro with a buyer and seller communicating in different languages, ends up ultimately in a cancellation.
Is there a solution or a workaround.
NOTE : Mentioning in the gig details that gig requirements must be only in English, may not be a solution, as non-English buyer may not be able to understand that.
I am facing such issues and kindly do not misjudge that I am being rude or offensive. I am having nightmares due to this language issues.

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In my case, if a potential buyer contacts me before ordering and I see they write in another language, I kindly tell them in English that I don’t speak their language and cannot help them.

If, however, the buyer placed an order and wrote in their native non-English tongue, you have two potential options as far as I see it:

  • either request a cancellation because you require English communication to process & deliver the order

  • or use Google Translate (or another translation service) to translate what your buyer said, then use the same translation service to write back to your buyer in their language, while also mentioning that your work will be delivered in English and asking them if they want to continue

Again, I’ve heard of sellers and buyers who use Google Translate for their transactions and have even become regulars, so it is possible.

But both options have cons, the first one because it increases cancellation rate, the second one because it can lead to misunderstandings due to improper translations, and eventually could also lead to cancellations or bad feedback (at least the bad feedback would not be in English :stuck_out_tongue: )

I don’t know what to say about that - I’ve been on Fiverr for over seven years, and I’ve never had such problems or nightmares due to language barriers.

I’m contacting CS as we speak to ask them if Fiverr is still being served in different languages - maybe they removed that internationalization feature :wink:


" If a potential buyer contacts me before ordering …" : A non-English buyer does not contact before ordering, although a gig explicitly mentions “Please contact me prior to ordering”.
And trust me the above in happening in reality.

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You’re starting from false premises. I cannot even count the amount of potential buyers who contacted me before considering to order and had written in another non-English language, and thus had to refuse politely. And I haven’t mentioned in my gigs to be contacted.

So I can’t trust your word regarding something that has happened to me and others so many times before :slight_smile:

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May be your gig does not attract non-English buyers. But, for reasons that boggle my mind, my gigs do.