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Sellers gigs in buyer requests portion

What to do with people who post their gigs in buyer request portion, I think its illegal here on Fiverr, and I personally don’t like it.
Can we take action against those sellers???

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I believe fiverr take action against them as its illegal

Can we do something against them?

yes you are right! I am into animations on Fiverr, I saw many people attached file and SHORTEN URL links in their attached word file saying we need similar video, and if one clicks that targets to their Fiverr gig or Youtube channel!
Maybe using to generate traffic to their gigs and YouTube views

These links sometimes leads to hacking of user account

There is no way of parsing fake requests rather than reporting it.They should an option for reporting just like in messages.

@mudasir313 When I see these kinds of sellers who are promoting their own gigs on buyer request page, I take a screenshot and submit to Fiverr authority to take actions. You should do this also to stop this post.