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Sellers given the option to deny an order


It’s so frustrating when a buyer orders a gig, and doesn’t send the complete info. Despite my constant messaging, few reply in time so that I can deliver my order. Many a time, I’m left with no choice but to cancel, which affects my cancellation ratio.

Sometimes, buyers order gigs and demand things which are not part of what they have paid for. Again, sellers are obligated to deliver or risk a negative feedback.

Is there anyway in the future, that we may have the choice to deny an order?

ruilim said: It's so frustrating when a buyer orders a gig, and doesn't send the complete info

Yup! I'm sitting on two large orders right now and the clock is ticking.

You can request a mutual cancellation to get their attention, of course this can lead to a lost sale.



Customer Support have said that a feature that does this is in active development.