Sellers: Has this ever happened to you?


Hi everyone,

This is my first post as a forum member although I’ve been reading some tips on here so thank you all!

I’m just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

Potential competitor booked my gig, gave me no information with which to complete gig and gave me a negative.

Is there someone I can contact to review their feedback given?

Thanks in advance!

Heather x


Send in a Support Request with an explanation, Fiverr will in fact review it and if warranted, may remove it. Never hurts to ask.


It just really upset me because I contacted her within 2 hours of her ordering.


I find 99.9% of the people are quite the opposite but when the .01% gets through and does that, it is quite frustrating.


Contact fiverr customer support, they can only suggest you the reasonable solution !!


Thanks OBG.

This whole experience has made me question whether I want to be a seller on here - I’ve had 3 no response buyers & 1 neg out of 8 sales. Bit bad for only a few $$