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Sellers have copied my Gigs. What can I do?

I have been working hard to build up my career on Fiverr for the last 3 months.

Since last month, I have been getting new job daily. But I have found in the last month that one of the sellers has copied my 1 Gig, then I contacted to Fiverr CS, Fiverr took initiative and removed his gig. But from the last 15 days I have been noticing that a few of the sellers have copied my best few Gigs.
I don’t like to knock Fiverr CS again to get support, I need permanent solution.

Please advise me.

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May I ask how you got Fiverr to remove their gig? I’ve had the same problem but instead they gave me a violation for multiple accounts… I created a very detailed request and attached over 5 screenshots of evidence.

Sorry, there is no permanent solution. I had to deal with this problem for years and made requests for CS to come up with a better solution to no avail. Now, I just live with it since it happens often and I don’t want to spend my life sending CS requests.


:sob: Really this is the very unwanted situation When I see someone stolen my gigs and take more order than me.

It’s really heartbroken

. :broken_heart:

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There is no permanent solution. I usually check once a week if there is a copy of my gig. Before, I tried to message the seller and ask him/her to remove the gig or my pictures of designs I have made for my clients, but it seems they don’t understand you cannot do this. So I just write to CS and they always remove it. Last time they told me to click the flag icon in the suspicious gig and follow steps.


So you simply search for your gig and check out the results that come up? That’s the easiest way to do it?

Many many thanks for your guide. I will remember it. But you know! How much I disturb to Fiverr CS… its really make a bad impact.

Can you guide me the better way to check my gig status (stolen or not)?

In my case this is the only way. My artwork is kind of a niche so there si not so many of them on Fiverr, but those sellers they just copy my pictures from my website so I can recognise it instantly. But if I would do some more popular graphic design that would be a problem for sure. Digging in gigs is not the best way to spend the day.

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It would be amazing for a group of sellers to group together and report these stolen gigs that we all have to deal with. I’m sure with lots of flags on a particular gig, it would be strongly looked at.


Thanks. That’s what I was thinking, how hard it would be to prove that with more common gigs. Still it’s good for everyone to check every now and then. But I can understand becoming frustrated and fed up with it and accepting and ignoring it, as @steveeyes said. That is probably what I’ll end up doing. How sad that these people copy your unique artwork.

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Hi there,
if they copied, meaning they copy and paste your description, I think it is a sort of copyright issue and probably you could ask Fiver to remove the other listing.
If someone else offers a similar or same service, then I think it is a free market so I don’t think you can be the only one to have the listing active. I see for example in Marketing here , if you check for Screaming Frog, Semrush, or other marketing services, there are tons of them and almost the same.
One thing you maybe could consider is to check on other platforms what they are doing (sorry Fiverr) there might be less competitors .

Hello @donnytech2k,
If they copy only description or title or image, then I don’t mind. But there stolen my gig title, Description, image almost 85% of my gig.

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if they copied your images and you can prove to Fiverr they are your images, I suppose they can do something but I think only remove the images. Same for Description. If it is the same I think they can react to this.
I suppose the problem is that every day they might be new gigs very similar to yours so you have to report them every time and that may feel frustrated.
All the Best

Thank you @donnytech2k

What do you mean by “copying your Gig”, Images and descriptions. Or he provide the same type of service ?

HI, Same type of services not a issue, issue is the same image, same description and title. like he/she duplicated my gig :slight_smile:

contact customer support with show all proof then customer support the copied seller gig delete permanently :revolving_hearts:

Already FIX it. Thank you

Best solution is to ignore them if you’re tired of contacting CS. Your profile speaks volume and buyers would know who’s the pro they need to work with

Thank you for your sugesstion.