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Sellers, how do you chat with buyers?

After a punch of these encounters, I’d like to ask if anyone else meet buyers who treat the message system like a Skype chat or a FB message? To be clear, they hit send with every sentence:

I want you to draw pictures for my book

it has 20 pages

it’s about a little girl and her pet

These filled my email inbox with notification and is really annoying. Even worse if they order already, they would run back and forth between the order page and the message to write random sentences. It’s hard to keep track, and it doesn’t worth for what they pay. =’=

Reply to @kjblynx: I tried that, and they complainted about the limited characters. I’m still trying to find the right wording.

I feel ya! I get A LOT of messages from buyers, most are spam, and then when I respond…nobody ever replies haha

I haven’t had a buyer that uses the message system in that way yet but that does sound annoying! Most of them use it the “right” way like you would send emails/general requests and I do have one regular customer who often uses up the character limit but then just sends me another message to continue. I don’t mind though because I have a really good relationship with that buyer and the messages help!

I wouldn’t complaint if I only get one or two buyers like that, I got more than we could count with fingers and thumbs. Usually when I get tired, I just give a high price and they would dissapear.

Weird enough, most of them are from a country that English is their native tounge, and they didn’t know how to use an English system.

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