SELLERS! How long did it take before you received your first order request?


I’m new to Fiverr so I’m just curious about this. Also, what do you think influenced that time frame? Thanks!!


Reply to @billas: Nothing is wrong, that’s just how Fiverr is, for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes the orders come in fast, sometimes not at all, that’s how it is for everyone here.

All you can do is make sure you promote your gigs off of Fiverr and drive your own traffic to your own gigs, and hope that people order. Good luck.


You can promote your service by using Twitter and others socials like Facebook, pinterest…


First 2-3 weeks there were no orders at all. Then I started getting 10-15 orders a day, made about $1000 in less than two months. And I only had one gig running. But then it decreased to 4-5 orders a week.

If I were you, at first I would change that slide. It’s hard to read, unattractive, and almost impossible to understand as a thumbnail.

And about your gig description. Nobody has time to read two giant blocks of text. Remember that you are selling a service for busy people, not writing a book. Make sure that people can get the essential information just by looking at it, without having to read the whole thing. Only after you have caught their interest, they will read more.


Reply to @vectormoon: Thank you! I appreciate your honest feedback.


Reply to @solow13: I will do that, thank you.


I think when any buyer searches, new gigs show up at the bottom of the list after some time older gigs start climbing in search and their own category. Atleast in my experience of 1 day


I received my first order yesterday and have been on fiverr for just under a week now. I have heard that the orders come in slowly at first and tend to pick up as you gain more reviews.


Reply to @atulks: Makes sense. Thanks!


Awesome. Congrats on your first order!


Reply to @kellydh: Awesome. Congrats on your first order!


@kelly good luck


10 days

i got my first and second last week


I think I had my first order after a month or so. But for me orders are scarce since I make products and ship them. I think it takes a lot less for “virtual stuff”. After the first order I kept getting a few orders a month and it slowly increased from there.


@abigalsmycken Thanks for responding!


wts wrong ?

i completed my first order with 100% satisfactory BUT who’s the next , i am waiting but theirs no sign of new order