Sellers, how many tip gigs have you sold so far?


I am thinking of starting a tip gig this weekend. How many have you sold?


A few dozen.


Let’s put it this way, I have more cancelled orders than I have tips purchased :wink: LOL


Around 6


about 4-5.

Do it! Nothing to lose :slight_smile:


Reply to @caiterz: Done. All done! Thank you. Thank you all!




Reply to @anarchofighter:

anarchofighter said: I have more cancelled orders than I have tips purchased

HAHAHAHA yeah me to


well I am a level 0, 12 sales, becoming level 1 soon and I have gotten 2 already so why not?


Reply to @hushed: Good point. I added one, but got no tips sales yet. =((


Hope you get some tips sooooon :smiley:


Reply to @caiterz: Wanna order one :wink:


None :slight_smile:


haha, I’d love to, once i get a job…

Once i get a job, I’ll prolly order something from everyone here, since i <3 you all :smiley:


Reply to @caiterz: we love you too


yay n.n :-h

Im always paranoid about people not liking me D:


Whooops double post. ignore this one!


I always get tips for simple work i do. but when i do hard work in wordpress websites and seo i don’t even get a feedback :slight_smile:


Horray!! :smiley: I like you too <3

I think one of the first posts i saw on fiverr was that one where you advertised that painting that you bought from someone, and i remember thinking “Thats like, the coolest thing i’ve ever seen! O_O”


Reply to @caiterz: No room for insecurity on Fiverr. I just bugged a guy to trade gig sales and he wasn’t interested. He probably doesn’t like me now. LOL I have my forum friends :wink: