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Sellers hunts for 5 stars and good feedback

Sorry for my english

Hi I have noticed that some of fiverr Sellers are just looking for 5 stars and good feedback here.

I understand good rates good feedbacks create more customers, but why? If you really do a great job you will earn 5 stars and good feedback, but if you don´t you will get less rate and feedback, And you have to accepted it.I have experienced that if i wasnt so satisfied with the service i rate 3-4 stars put the seller demand me to change to 5 stars. And then later says to me " I dont care about 5 stars" SO why do the ask me to change it?!?

And when a sellers have completed the order the leave you a message:

“Thanks for ordering, PLEASE rate 5 stars and good feedback and also give a great tip”

Everytime I see that i almost dont want to give top stars, because and don´t want to be force to do it. You almost see just good feedbacks and 5 stars on every sellers rate. You dont often see 1-4 stars here.

Have you guys experienced this too?


It’s true. 5 stars has become almost like a “standard” for work completed.
As a seller, 5 stars is important to me as the Fiverr levels and rankings in searches depend on a sellers rating which explains the obsession we have with it. I ask my customers to rate me, as they sometimes don’t as they are too keen to look at the work and then don’t think about it again. I understand it may sound like an instruction though, so I will keep that in mind. i think asking for a tip is a bit much though!

As a buyer, I want to be straight with people. However, as an example; I ordered a small writing gig from someone. The content was good but it requires some editing. This would lead me to rate 4 stars but I will probably order from them again and they may be unhappy with “just” 4 stars which may affect our relationship. But the work deserves 4 stars. It’s difficult to know, I haven’t rated it yet. They are also a new seller so I kinda want to help them out too…


This is paradoxical… people trying to get good feedback by annoying other people…

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What do you mean about other people? Sellers or buyers?

This 5stars are what buyers look out for in sellers profile, that why they ask for it.

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all true

happy holidays

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yes its like that mostly

I think this is really rude!!! I made a purchase one time in which I received a message from the seller asking me for a 5 star feedback. I left a 5 star review simply because I was happy with the service and the final product. No buyer should be forced or should feel obligated to leave a review or a tip. This should be based on the service received. I personally don’t ask my buyers to leave a feedback and leave it up to them. I have heard many stories about sellers trying to bribe their buyers for a 5 star rating by offering free extras. Sellers should not be so pushy, sooner or later it will backfire on them. How likely do you think they buyer will become a repeated client if you leave a bad impression?


True, so I try and never ask for feedback. I admit I get very tempted sometimes when I know that they were happy with the work, but I still restrain. I only get reviews from about half of my sales, but that are all true and accurate (and happen to all be 5 stars at the moment) as the buyer always chose to leave it.

Always give more than what the buyer pays.I’m not saying you should offer free extras. But maintain the quality of work.

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the rate must reflet the seller’s work :slight_smile:
nice topic

I have a pseudonym gig with no orders, today I get my first client, I gave her quality, I delivered in 1 day even though I could have done it in 3 days. And this buyer gives me 1-star in EVERY CATEGORY (seller communication, etc).

Then she writes: “There is no connection these names with DJ Name.”

Really? She gave me examples like Calvin Harris. If you’re not into electronic music, you have no idea who that is.

Thanks to that buyer, my gig is RUINED. Who’s gonna order a gig when it has only one review and it’s a negative one? I tell you who, NOBODY. The video I paid $5 to make? Worthless. My time and effort? Worthless. Sure, I made $15 from her, BIG FREAKING DEAL. It will be the last time that gig makes money, and thanks to Fiverr’s rules, refunding it doesn’t remove the review, so I have to big that daughter of Hitler to remove that review. Good freaking luck!

Every time I deliver an order, I tell the buyers: “If you have any concerns, address them ASAP.”

That does not mean, “give me a bad review.”

“You dont often see 1-4 stars here.”

I’ve seen plenty of those. When you look at a gig, you can click on the review tab that says “most recent” and choose POSITIVE REVIEWS or NEGATIVE REVIEWS.

Either way, now you understand why we ask for positive reviews?

UPDATE: She agreed to remove the negative review, and I gave her a refund.


I think the negative review is now removed :slight_smile:

Yes, as soon as I was done posting my diatribe, my buyer responded my message. Thanks for checking. :slight_smile:

Oh man what a story!! I am sorry, totally not justified. I am glad you got this worked out and best of luck with your new gig.

yes of course you right

The reason that sellers are so obsessed with getting 5 stars is the way it affects the seller’s account if buyers leave anything less than 5 stars. Even if you leave a 4.5 star review it is seen as a negative review and brings down your rating percentage. It’s very difficult to reverse this; you need many more positive reviews than negative to make a positive difference to your rating percentage. That’s all.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Exactly, I have 2,400 positive reviews and 33 negative ones. So why am I still at 97%? Why haven’t I gone up to 98%? I have never seen ratings increase, although I did meet someone who saw his rating increase, that was a shocker.

I wondered about this too. You can do the math, if you are better at it than I am, and possibly see why.

10% one star reviews in a sea of 2400 5 star ones would be 240 negative reviews. 5% would be 120. 2.5% would be 60.
So it seems like if you have 60 negative reviews you would be at 97.5%. So to me it seems like you would be at approximately 98%. This hardly seems fair though when you look at how you have 2400 5 star reviews.