Sellers in Athens, Greece


Hey there Fiverr sellers!

I was wondering if there are any other sellers here on Fiverr currently located in Athens, Greece.

I was thinking of starting a co-working space near my area, to start dealing with the fact that I feel confined working from the home office all day long, and I need to feel a part of a “team”, or you know simply communicate verbally with other people!

Maybe if enough people are interested, I could start a co-working space SPECIFICALLY for Fiverr sellers, and throw in some seminars, How-to and TRS guidance.

Let me know!


Hi :slight_smile:

a bit irrelevant to your request as I am still happy with my home office and I enjoy just working on Fiverr website as a extra revenue from time to time. My main gig is voice-overs in Greek, suspended for a while.

I responded just to say ‘hello’ and that I am glad you posted this thread as I haden’t noticed your gigs on Fiverr before and I see you are offering great services here. Collected for recommendation and future use! :slight_smile:



Hey there!

Well the problem lies with the fact that I’m working on Fiverr FULL TIME.

I need to be able to talk to people, because working alone via your home office really starts getting to you after a few months.

And I’ve been doing it for a year and a half now. :slight_smile:


Anyone else from Greece?


Ha! I can relate - try doing it for four years. I’ve had more conversations with walls than actual humans. :smiley: