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Sellers in BR and offers


We already all know that there are sellers posting in the Buyer Request section, and the fact that its against the rules.
However what I am starting to wonder, is who on earth are the people giving their offers to these sellers that are posting in BR?

How the heck does that work?


People who don’t read the BR (i.e seller spam) or don’t have brains lol


Sometimes I wonder if the BRs are being used for other purposes.


How so? ( t w e n t y c h a r a c t e r s )

PS. Why oh why is the reply icon not showing in the upper right side corner on more than half of the posts I reply to? Strange…


The reply icon doesn’t show if you’re replying to the last reply (at that time) in the thread. Forum “bug”.

I have wondered sometimes if people use Fiverr as an alternate way to transfer money for not quite honest reasons. Or perhaps payment for services rendered elsewhere. Or payments for not quite legal services. Or just for entertainment. Or maybe the government uses it as their super secret secure messaging system in code. :slight_smile: I don’t know really, it just doesn’t make sense, but there has to be a reason.


Ah, certainly you mean forum feature? :joy: :wink:

Hmm… and lose 20% on the money transfer? Perhaps its friends ordering gigs between themselves to be able to post good reviews?

Unless its a black op UFO secret internal program… OR funding for an expedition to catch Big Foot… OR BOTH…