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Sellers in Buyers request

Everytime i check buyer’s request i see sellers advertising instead of buyers. How am i supposed to get mybfirst order then

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There are buyers there too, you just have to really look for them :wink:

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Okay. Just that i get just a small amount of buyer’s request and so far 100% of then are sellers

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I just checked your gig, and you share a category with me, hurray! :slight_smile: I’ve actually been seeing a big reduction in sellers advertising themselves in the creative writing, editing, article writing, and translation categories recently, so don’t despair!

If you can write, why not try creating more writing-related gigs that fall under different categories? Provided you have the skills and interest in providing those services, of course.

Diversity is the key to purpose driven writing gigs. For that reason, I’ve assembled a small list of gigs that will set her soaking through the waves of rich waters. She should try them:

  1. “I will write a break up letter so crazy your deadbeat boy friend will never contact you again”

Extras include mentioning: Birtherism, tragedy actors, the death of Paul McCartney and crop circles.

Premium includes: one picture of a voodoo doll with the boyfriends face and a note reading “I don’t need you- my doll always has time for me…”

  1. " I will write your Doctors note as Dr. Hannibal Lecter"

Extras include: One physical copy with a vaguely smeared - drifted wine scent, red smudges with left handed fingerprints and the inclusion of Freudian blather.

Premium includes: One call to your work as portrayed by a Lithuanian- English speaking actor.

  1. “I will write your ‘Please excuse from school’ note as your professional wrestling, not to be bothered Father”

Extras include: Inclusion of wrestling hold terminology (belly to back suplex, reverse chin grip, boston half crab), indecipherable baby speak masked as tough talk, incomprehensible spelling.

Premium: Includes a physical copy with the traces of crushed pain killers and smudged with baby oil.

I hope this helps.


Yes, you are right about this one.

Now a days, Many sellers are posting their advertisements in Buyer Requests. But some of them are filtered by fiverrs approval team. But some of them got approval.

There are pros & cons for this.

thank. Gonna try that out