SELLERS IN TROUBLE? TELL us about your gig or sales problems, ask for help here 😢


Last month I got multiple orders and my gig is also in first page, but this month I am getting clicks but not getting a single order. so depressing.

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I’m sorry to hear of your struggles. Perhaps you might find some success marketing and promoting your gigs outside of Fiverr. If sales are lower than you would like, you have the ability to work hard and bring in your own traffic and buyers as well.

It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to provide you with all of your sales. Fiverr is merely a site that allows us freelancers space to host our services. It is up to us to do what is necessary ti build our success.


your recent delivery is 3 hours ago :wink:


Please y’all should help review my gig, I haven’t made any sale since I joined, please y’all should help me check my gig if there is anything I can do to help improve it!


The gig looks goood, though the word “I” could be capitalized. You could explain what you need from the buyer in order to create the book cover (eg. title? what the book is about? Do they need to select an image or images (stock images) for you to create the cover using?). You could also add more example images.

If you aren’t getting sales you can also 1) Create more gigs (up to 7 initially) and 2) send offers to buyer requests that you can do.


Thanks a lot bro, this is really helpful


Hello everyone!!
I have been trying to edit my gig so as to make it look attractive but I haven’t gotten any buyer… Can anyone pls check my gig and tell me what to do in other to improve it.Thank you!! Love y’all


You need to hard work and share your gig on social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, and send 10 offers daily to clients using the buyer request option, after that, you will get the orders. :grinning:

Gig order after level one

@uk1000 thank you for the suggestion. I will apply this.: joy:


I share on social media like Facebook, twitter, google plus, linked in, etc. but it doesn’t work at all. :confused: :thinking:


Social media works and works well.

When you share, people will see it and check out your gig. They’ll come to 5r and look around.

The good news is they’re probably make a purchase from someone. The bad news is that someone may not be you.

Sadly, social media may bring potential customer to your gig but the chances are, they will look around and see other people’s gigs as well.

5r is still getting their 20% and you are helping this platform generate sales overall, which is good for everyone.


Still no sales. I can’t see a single request in BR section. Last week my gigs were not showing in the search results even if I search them by their name. After sometime it will appear and disappear again.

Now I have only two gigs listed on Fiverr. Will add more number of gigs in coming days. I hope I will be able to see few buyer’s request then.


Yes, Finally I got the order :smiley:


Same here, Sharing on social media is not working for me.


I am facing issue of orders slow down.


Treat you like a buyer.

What are your product benefits.
Why should I buy it to you?
What are your product advantages over others.
Is this product safe.
And is this product more valuable than the money I spend.


I guess being on fiverr means having patience because i have been trying everything e.g promoting my gig on social media, adding videos, making the price as low as hell but i still have no buyer:disappointed_relieved:. can anyone advice me on what to do


I’m fairly new on Fiver, but I made it to level 2 and my sales literally shut down. Not getting many impressions or gig views. I emailed Support and they were very nice. They are constantly experimenting with their algorithm, figuring out the most optimum way to serve their sellers. Hoping for the best. I suggest taking good care of your customers on your way up. If they love you, they’ll become repeat buyers. Just got 5 orders today from my repeat customers.


Hello, In my FAQ of my gig I state you can’t buy my gig to promote illegal activity. He asked if i can tweet a site and I said yes without really looking what his website is about and soon after I realized his website is Selling Weed in the Mail. (Most likely scamming people) and wants me to tweet it to my 2.4million followers and risk getting my Twitter suspended! Well I can’t tweet it. I asked to cancel and he declined. What do I do? His website in my country would be considered a federal Crime and I have only 9 hours to complete order because he denied cancelling.


I think reporting to cs will help you I pray it does…Goodluck to you