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Sellers inbox custom offers

There is an immediate need of block feature for sellers to block other sellers who send custom offers out of no reason.

I receive these messages a lot. For now, I just send a ticket to customer support to report the spammers.


I tell them that what they’re doing is spamming, and when they respond to it, I click on “Report”.

Please always report them to customer support, with screenshots of what they sent you.

Is that forbidden to send custom offer? Only to sellers or buyers as well?

It is forbidden to send random custom offers to sellers who have not contacted you.
To do this is called spamming.
If someone has sent you a message then it’s ok.

Ok that’s fine.I was scared as some time my buyers asked me to send custom offer.

If they don’t ask you then you are spamming.

They don’t have to ask you, just as long as they message you.

You know, the funny thing is that I tell them to stop spamming and they’re just like “ok”.

Then I report them. Idiots.

Some time buyer message me, discuss idea,charges etc then asked me to send custom offer. So I do.

Yeah that’s fine. What’s not fine is getting a new message without any other communication from the seller with an offer for “make you great traffics/give you 3 billion facebooks” for $5.

if you’ve discussed it with the buyer, then it’s fine. I usually float a few options at them to choose from then give them the one they choose.

Why do sellers do this?

Better ask the now-hidden response from the seller above me, as they are masterfully choosing this particular thread to spam. Ultimately, a combination of ignorance and greed/stupidity/desperation. I mixed the last three as ignorance (NOT stupidity–just not knowing something) can stand alone, but those three all bounce of each other very nicely, and only ignorant people would think this idea worked.

So a fail on all fronts, really.

If your buyers asked to you to send theme custom quotes then its okay. But seller should not send offers to other sellers without any reason.

Then they start texting those “sorry” msgs. There must be a way to block them.

no idea coz i am new here

Sometime its headache for me… Getting random Custom offer.
Worst thing. i don’t have time to reply… and if i don’t reply.
it will affect my response time… Any how i need to reply them. … :confused: :confused:

Sometimes when we reply, they also reply to secure their response rate and it’s a never ending irritating situation.