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Sellers insisting complete early so they get money before gig has been delivered

I have experienced this a few times sellers insisting the buyer marks the gig complete and gives good feedback before delivering a gig.
Some do deliver but some suddenly lose all the communication skills they were so ready to use before and do not deliver. As the gig has been marked up delivered or completed there appears to be no recourse for the buyer and the sellers are free to rip people off.

If a seller asks you to accept delivery without sending you your work you’re asking for trouble. Moreover, why on earth would you review work which hasn’t been delivered?

Sorry but this sounds like Harry the unreliable seller met Sally the silly buyer. To avoid this ever happening again simply cancel the an undelivered order as soon as a buyer asks you to accept it, get your money back and go buy the same service from someone more reliable.

Personally, though, I don’t know how people even think they can get away with things like this. It’s like you’ve got some fantastic level one and two and top rated sellers on Fiverr floating on a never ending sea of fruit loops.

Actually scratch that, Don’t accept delivery and instead when they do deliver your work mention in your feedback that they tried to coerce you into leaving false positive feedback. That’ll teach em.

Sorry this has happenend to you. This tactic is against TOS. You can report these sellers to customer support.

I can understand if a buyer requests an edit and the order starts running late, and agreeing that the order can be marked as delivered–but not leaving feedback. The good news is you can ALWAYS get your money back by sending a message to customer support. You can also request a modification or cancel the order. There really is no excuse for getting ‘ripped off’ on Fiverr, aside from poor work.

My advice (not that you asked for it) is to simply use the tools that are already available to you to.

I said I have experienced it a few times I have only made the mistake of completing early once in good faith.
Also some sellers try to upsell and offer custom gigs after you have already paid for a gig that also ticks me off.

Perhaps you’re not clear on what they offered for the price. Just cancel if you don’t want to pay more, or if they are being unfair with their upselling…