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Sellers insisting on five star ratings

Okay, here’s something to think about. The star rating is there for BUYERS to give ratings to their sellers, right? It is an opinion freely given yet I have had one seller ask me to take down my ratings (I gave him four stars) because it would affect his rating and another say he would not work with me again because I gave him two lots of five stars and ONE four star. Now, on reflection, I have said to the last guy that I was wrong and apoligised but that’s not really the overall point. Fiverr should institute a rule that SELLERS should not get on the case of the buyer because they have a different opinion of themselves to the seller. Otherwise, it makes a mockery of the rating system. The first guy got a lower rating because he wrote an Amazon description page for me and his English was not top class so I had to rewrite some of it. That’s fine, he did a good job but not a five star job. What do you think?

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I think buyers should rate sellers honestly. If buyers give sellers a rating they are unhappy with then the seller should just not work with them again since they are unhappy with the work. Additionally, when buyers give sellers a bad rating it makes sense to not order from the seller again since you were not happy with the work provided.

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I have buyers get on my case all the time but not much I can do about it. If the worse of your problems is a seller asking if you would consider changing your rating, than may God Bless your tolerance. It isn’t the worse thing. You should see the requests I get from buyers who want more than they are willing to pay and in most cases sellers go out of their way to accommodate because they know buyers will rate them less if they don’t do more than the gig requires.


The only reason I wouldn’t want to see that is because most sellers will work with the buyer to fix a rating. Sure, some people just demand a perfect rating, but not all of us. If I truly felt a low rating was unjust, I would talk to CS about it and not the buyer, but if it was my fault the rating was low, I would offer to work with the buyer and fix the problems on my own time.

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Reply to @fastcopywriter: I entirely agree. Some buyers are also just odd. The first one I had that gave me a bad rating did so with no request for revision or cancellation and when I offered to fix what they were unhappy with, they were downright rude. I wrote to CS and they suggested that I asked the buyer to change the rating and offer them a refund, so as a seller I was following Fiverr CS advice by asking (and was very new.) I got lucky and the buyer did change it when I completed a minor revision which was already offered in the gig description and in my delivery message. I don’t know why it would be a bad thing to offer a buyer assistance and politely ask for a good rating.

OK, Joshua, how you would feel if you gave a buyer a revision, if you told him, “if you’re still not happy, ask for a cancellation”, and after doing all that, he gives you 2.5 stars and writes "poor experience."

Bad ratings are bad for our business, and should only be given to sellers who don’t do revisions or offer cancellations. Some people are just mean and want to write nasty lies out of spite.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Buyers need to be patient. Several days ago I ordered an intro video, I had to demand two revisions because the file he gave me wasn’t playing in my computer. Eventually I was able to play the file, uploaded it on Fiverr (pending as of now), and gave the seller a 5-star review. The video was excellent. It was just a Mac vs. PC issue he could have prevented by modifying his gig instructions, I gave him the tip.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I’m guessing that most of us who are both buyers and sellers are more patient and nicer about ratings than those who are only buyers. I know that when I buy, I understand what the seller is going through. I try hard to work with a seller, I don’t leave poor ratings unless they don’t deliver anything, and the first purchase I make with a seller is almost always no more than $10 so I can see how it goes. If the work is delivered but low quality I may just not leave a rating and at least do no injury to them while they work through a learning process.

I’ve had some other sellers buy from me and they were always nice as well. It’s the people who are new to Fiverr or angry about some other experience that seem to be the most harsh. I think the star rating system is garbage as it is anyway, but since we are stuck with it for now all you can do is your best.

Thanks for all your comments, that’s given me something to think about. I think the seller is still sulking anyway despite my apology. So I’ll just work with someone else which is a shame as the guys work is otherwise exceptional.

Hi - I’m a new buyer to fiverr. Is it common practice for a seller to withhold a final asset rendering (hires, logo on transparency, source code… whatever) until, specifically, a 5-star rating is granted? It seems illegitimate and likely against policy (certainly against fiverr’s intent).

Also, as others have stated, I’d love to generously give a high rating just on principle, but if I seller is holding agreed upon assets ransom, can a buyer even trust that in giving a 5-star that he will be given the final asset?

Please advise…

Personally, I always tell my clients (buyers). That my 1st priority is there satisfaction. If they have any issues/problems/comments or anything at all to not hesitate to speak out, I know sometimes people might be afraid to ask for a change or speak out about something they don’t like. I work with the buyer to make sure that at the end they are completely happy so that they get what they paid for, and consider me in the future again. That’s just how I roll, but its a good practice.

Hi, if the seller explains it their gig description that the delivery is this and this, then by no means should they refrain from delivering the AGREED and paid part until the client gives a perfect (or any kind of) rating. I suggest you contact the seller, letting them know that their request is against the Fiverr TOS and that you will be escalating this for review to the CS. If they still insist, do issue a ticket with CS, they will probably take your side

Withholding delivery in order to receive a favorable review is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service. You can report the seller to Customer Support for it.

I believe the best evaluation for buyers and sellers is a single simple question:

Would you use this seller again for similar project?

If I see you have 100 experiences and 90% or more would return for another gig…I’m seeing that as significant credibility and I will have the confidence to request a quote.

I currently am struggling with how to rate a gig that has just been completed. The seller struggled greatly with hitting different timelines that HE established by asking for additional time and even quoting a lower price to give him an extra day - but he still missed the extra day…but only by a day. However, he did not contact me that he needed an extra day, he responded to my checking in on deadline day because I had not heard a peep in four days on a four day project.

He also initially either did not fully comprehend the project, from the user interface standpoint, or he was hoping I really was not too concerned about best UI experience.

Now, that is all the “negative” but I would use his services again because he proved to me that he really did have the experience to create, modify and understand. He had a major revision to do because he did not clarify or fully grasp at the time a UI issue. I was concerned at this point that I was going to have to wait another 4-5 days and he knocked it out in 12 hours exactly as I envisioned…exceeded my expectation in that moment.

So I struggle with overlooking that there were significant deadline misses and a failure to communicate proactively. Would I use his services again…absolutely. Was it a five star experience…in total, absolutely not…in part…absolutely.

Would I refer/recommend him to friends and colleagues? Yes and no. It would all depend on knowing how strict and crucial deadlines were to them and their willingness to be the proactive communicator in the process.

I vote for either an extremely simplified rating or a more comprehensive one:

Simple - Would you use this seller again for similar project? :+1: or :-1:

Comprehensive - Rate the following: Deadlines, Communication, Expertise, Professionalism, Integrity, Final Product

I welcome many thoughts:-) Thank you for letting me use this forum to process my experience and thoughts regarding what I believe will always be a dilemma for buyer/seller/Fiverr credibility/integrity.


I don’t even think the issue is always about giving a bad rating. Sometimes, it is just not 5 star quality. Often I would give 4 stars and that still means the work was quite good. To me 5 stars is excellent, and let’s be real most people aren’t that stellar. Yet EVERYBODY wants a stellar rating.