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Sellers is trying to get my work for free

Hi guys!
I have a serious issue with an order I close and deliver 100% 5 days ago.
Until today the seller is asking for non-sense revisions.
He asks 4 times for revisions, I answer all his questions in detail, and I also do much extra work.
He refuses to close the order, and, in my opinion, he is doing that so he can get a refund and my hard work for free.
He is asking for revisions without reason 4 times now.
What can I do as a seller to close that order? Whatever I do, he is asking for a new revision ( without mentioning specific tasks).
Is there any way to protect me from this guy?



Contact Customer Support Team

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Contact Fiverr Support and show your work proof. They will help you.

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I contact already the Support but in the last weeks, they take 10+ days for answering any ticket…I think I will keep closing each revision request until I get an answer from the support team.

How many revisions do your offer? you should let buyer know if you a revision or revisions are included in the gig also you can send custom offer for additional revision/work.

Where can i see the revision count on my order setting? Can’t find it for some reason…

it looks like you don’t expressly offer revisions, or satisfaction guaranteed or anything like that (unless someone can correct me), so you should be good to tell him that if he wants any more work he’ll have to pay. You should be in good standing with CS, you may have to persist

Which Gig is it? I’ve seen your all gigs and there wasn’t any gig where you’re offering revisions.