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Sellers like THIS ONE should be BANNED ! Sorry it's absolutely ridiculous for this to be allowed

OK so I just now ordered a logo from he replies and makes a bunch of rude comments and then threatens to do harm to my account if I don’t cancel.

First off I normally wouldn’t care, but he sends me a message in cancellation saying “don’t you read???” it says you have to pay $50 for mascot logo…lol even thought the TITLE to the GIG states “I will design KILLER Mascot logo for $5”.

So basically this guy is running an automatic up-sell, which I could care less but don’t threaten or try to bully me into a cancellation when your title clearly states "I will design KILLER Mascot logo for $5"

My guess is this seller will be here a total of another month, maybe two before Fiverr gets more complaints about him/her.

So purchase with caution from this Seller.

Just wanted to RANT because Sellers like this will be making future buyers a little gun-shy about purchasing in the future.

If you don’t want to sell something for $5 that’s your right, but don’t try to abuse the fiverr system!!!

Thanks for listening, GB

Editors note: Calling out other users is not allowed on the forum.

Looks like the genius is no longer on fiverr…

Reply to @kjblynx:

So mine says logo… if the buyer things my item isn’t a logo then I am breaking the rules? Just curious.

He has ABSOLUTELY no right to be rude and nasty and for that I think the feelings are warranted but I often feel like it is soooooo buyer swayed. I can’t tell you how many times I get back feedback over taste and that’s against the rules but ok.

Sucky situation. Hopefully it gets resolved in the best way possible.

Reply to @madmoo: nice passiveness. You will go far in life! :). And one more bump!

Typical bait and switch. Report that seller to Fiverr Support if he has clearly threatened you.

Yeah this was his very first message to me after I told him I would accept only a text logo


Hello, Do you want to retain your fiverr account. You don’t know about me.

remember that I am joker.

now you need to send me cancellation request if you do not send me cancellation request then you don’t know what I will do."

He then sent a few other messages like this as well…

Send your complaint with the email messages that were threatening as well to Customer Service. Most likely your post will be edited to omit the sellers name, as you are not allowed to call out sellers or buyers on the forum.

Fiverr will take action if you have proof that they are not selling what they claim they will for $5 and if they are actually threatening you.



If you need text logo you just need to make payment of $5. but

If you need mascot or character logo you have to make payment of $45 for mascot logo. Ai and file included.

It says that in his description. So I don’t know if that’s changed or not but he does mention you need to pay more.

That said he has no right to be rude or abusive.

@gailbunning I did actually tell him to just do a TEXT ONLY logo but he still refused. He basically doesn’t want to do the gig for $5 basically I guess. I would have accepted the cancellation initially to had he not been so rude and threatening. But to NOT even be willing to do the text logo??? He’s just “extorting” people basically in my opinion. What he didn’t understand is I buy 10x more then I sell on here and I have never encountered something this bad from a Seller to date.

@madmoo sorry wasn’t trying to “call out” anyone, just wanted to warn others ahead of time because YOU’RE EXACTLY RIGHT “Sellers like that give the site a bad name and I hope he’s removed” also :slight_smile:

@kjblynx totally agree about the rules, you don’t want to offer something for $5? don’t be on FIVErrrrrrr :slight_smile:

@landongrace :slight_smile: Thanks for the BUMP

Reply to @geniusbranding: Should I RANT about you not giving me my video when I asked you to not fill it in with graphics because I wanted to do it myself because I do video editing too?

This guy has on his description what logo he does and doesn’t for $5 bucks, I really don’t see a bait and switch situation here. Unless he updated his description after you ordered which is bait and switch.

If this guy is breaking the rules, it would be humble to just talk to the guy before placing an order and letting him know the rules and what he should do, not just jump in and order thinking everything is going to work out. What are you doing by doing that? Trying to force the guy to do things your way just because he is stupid? If you know what is wrong, tell the guy, point it out and help out, if he is stubborn then tell him you wanted to try his gig out but now thinking twice about it and that you will contact customer support to help him out.

I wouldn’t cause all that drama from ordering and this and that. You are causing


Reply to @geniusbranding: Okay…

Reply to @joeyperezwest:

and P.S. I Wasn’t picking on anyone, and I was fine with him only doing the text logo as I stated above. HE refused to do that as well, so if he’s not willing to do what he states, then the gig should be taken down. NOT Bait and Switch??? The TITLE of the gig is

"I will design KILLER Mascot logo for $5".

So lets say I put up a gig up and title it:

"I will give you a REAL SOLID GOLD BAR for $5"

but put, haha just kidding it will be $5,000,000 USD, if you actually want the GOLD BAR I’m advertising in the title.

That’s OK in your amazing eyes?

Reply to @joeyperezwest:

I have purchased 1,000’s of gigs here on fiverr, THOUSANDS and have never complained about a Seller before this…lol I was just ranting in “The Ranting Pot” section because he actually threatened my account and tried to bully me, sort of like you did remember ??? LOL

So tell your friend he can NOT do this and expect people not to get upset!

Kick dust on me, you and your friend need to STOP TALKING DOWN and THREATENING People because they don’t do what you wish. I was nice to both of you until I WAS THREATENED and I responded to you and him accordingly. But make no mistake YOU or HIM do NOT scare me in the least I assure you, you’re no better or more successful then any other level 2 sellers here on fiverr UNDERSTAND? So attack me or threaten me again if you wish to, but I assure I will NOT take it lying down.


Reply to @joeyperezwest:

I’m sorry if this guy is a friend of yours or something, but he is definitely pulling a bait and switch no matter how you look at it. The TITLE of the gig can’t say "“I will design KILLER Mascot logo for $5”


The guy made his gig so people order based on “I will design KILLER Mascot logo for $5”.

He worded it this way for people to order it and he can try to up-sell them.

If they refuse? and they ask him just to deliver the TEXT LOGO as stated in the Gig? He then refuses because he is now fearful of negative feedback.

It doesn’t take a ROCKET SCIENTIST to see what this seller is up to, and YES he should be made at the very least to change that Gig title.

Reply to @madmoo:

What’s hilarious is before today? I had absolutely no idea about the “fragglerock” EDITING thing, i just thought @FRAGGLEROCK was like an all time horrible buyer/seller …lol

I remember saying to myself the other night “How do they let @fragglerock keep doing this, why not just ban him” …lol That’s some good stuff :slight_smile:

Reply to @joeyperezwest:

So you go from this message here, to attacking me 3 posts later? Are you bipolar or something? I saw this after I replied below and it had me SMH a little bit. :slight_smile: I have no problem with you, I thought maybe this guy was a friend of yours or something and you were just sticking up for him at first until i saw this post.

Reply to @geniusbranding: Hey thanks for your comments below and calling me bi-polar you’re a real Madonna aren’t you.

Anyways, That guy IS NOT my friend, I don’t know him but I did message him after I saw this posting and by the way, if someone doesn’t want to work with you just like you didn’t want to work with me because you were accusing me of wanting to re-sell your video on fiverr when that was NEVER the case, don’t work with them.

The guy you ranted about told you afterwards he didn’t want to work with you. He sent me a screenshot of the whole conversation and I saw how aggressive you were with him too.

Good luck man, I’ll be avoiding you as often as I can on here, and there is a difference between a bully and me getting pist off because you accuse me of trying to re-sell your video when I didn’t even tell you I was planning on that and cancel the gig I ordered from you with question, like I said I wanted it for my business, of videography because I record weddings and parties at times,

more below…

Reply to @geniusbranding:

oh i’m sorry, I got mad at you for all of a sudden without notice cancel my order and tell me I can’t get your gig, because I’m a video producer like you… did you consider that being bullied? oh dear, so so sorry! What should one do with someone who can’t be reasoned with?

To prove that I’m not a bully, let me order your gig the way I originally requested it… oh wait oh no! I might resell it on fiverr!!! and you might lose business! oh no, oh my!

Reply to @geniusbranding: JUST LIKE I SAID WHEN I WOULDN’T RESELL YOUR GIG ON FIVERR!!! oooooo sound familiar? EVEN after I told you I wasn’t going to do that and you STILL refused to sell me the video gig…

go ahead sell me the video gig then… let me order your gig… the way I requested it.