Sellers look like Ship of Fools on the Forum


The degree of business professionalism on the Seller’s side of the Forum is severely lacking and hurts sales. The following is meant to make Sellers think about the poor impression they’re giving Buyers, both as a group and to their own business.

Fool #1 - He’s defensive of anyone who disagrees with him. Would you want to do business with him?

Fool #2 - His post strays way off topic, because he misunderstood or didn’t read it well enough. Would you want to do business with him?

Fool #3 - He posts silly questions he could have answered himself with a little bit of effort. Would you want to do business with him?

Fool #4 - Rather than posting something intelligent, he’ll post a gif or something equally childish that hijacks a serious topic, because he’s all about having fun and being silly. Would you want to do business with him?

Fool #5 - He didn’t proof his post for errors before sending it off, because his standards are pretty low. Would you want to do business with him?

Fool #6 - He antagonizes other posters because being an internet troll is more exhilarating to him than being a business professional. Would you want to do business with him?

Fool #7 - He complains about a Buyer when he’s obviously the one who was at fault. Would you want to do business with him?

Fool #8 - He obviously disregards the Forum’s rules. Would you want to do business with him?

Fool #9 - He airs his dirty laundry, discussing how CS reprimanded him, or making excuses for 1 star reviews, or cancellations due to being late. Would you want to do business with him?

If everyone worked to make the Forum more professional and business centric, we would all benefit and MAKE MORE MONEY!!!


Indeed - it’s a difficult thing to get many people to treat freelancing work as a serious business. It does require a willingness to learn, deep professionalism, active communications, and maintaining one’s reputation.

Ultimately, success in business comes from building trust with our customers. Those who manage to do that will succeed, those who do not, won’t.


Those were all good points. It gets tiresome to see all the immature unprofessional people who wander onto the fiverr forum. But that is the nature of this site, to be open to all.


It’s just one never quite gets used to the smell of gunpowder from people shooting themselves in the foot…


There’s definitely good points here I agree with! However, I don’t think being a little informal (posting reaction GIFs or having a misspelling) should be grounds to declare unprofessional-ism lol. I mean, being “on” all the time is exhausting.


this post is sexist…


This is a a very interesting post.

I personally like some of the gifs posted. Not sure if you noticed but even staff is posting gifs on the forum. Does that seem unprofessional? I don’t think so.

Wow, I think that is a bit insulting considering the forum exist of so many different people whose native language isn’t English. Does that make them bad or unprofessional sellers? No, it doesn’t.

These are just 2 points I picked out but I could go on and on and on.


Please reread the part about gifs. I mentioned gif posters that hijack serious topics, not all who post gifs. However, this is a business forum, not Facebook, and I personally would not recommend doing so if you want to be taken seriously.

Please reread the part about errors. It reads, errors in general and not specific to the writing of non-English speakers.

The intention of the posted topic is to help posters gain insight into the perspective of the Buyers who read our posts. I encourage you to reread from that perspective too.


I agree with most of it, though I wouldn’t call someone a fool for ranting about 1 star review. Forum is also the place to vent your frustration :wink:

Forum for me is like a breakroom where you can have insightful discussions, share tips, make jokes and rant about anything that bothers you on Fiverr.


He He He He He He He (She?) He He He (They?) He.


internet is indeed a best way to earn and learn through other people all around the world but now a days people are so much arrogant just to earn the money hence causing a downfall for those who are passionate with their learn and ethics


Since this is an international site which allows people as young as 13 to work on it,
I don’t expect perfection and realize that not everyone has a business background who comes here, or has even worked in a professional environment before, so a lot of tolerance is called for.

But I still like every one of those points. It presents some things to think about.
But it won’t change the nature of the site, which is an opportunity for the inexperienced and experienced alike.


So as a buyer why is it my problem that their native language is not english, if they cannot understand the job, dont take it, nothing more frustrating than trying to explain something in pigeon english. It gets to the stage where you think I will just accept it and get it done somewhere else. Freelancing doesn’t mean second best in service or price, its about professionalism and utilising some amazing skills in their field.


I doubt if many make their buying decisions from what they read on the forum, be it for or against. Maybe a few but I have my doubts there are many. There are no stats either way to know for sure, but if I I was betting, I’d bet the forum had very little influence over a buyer’s decision to buy or not to buy.

I’d say that most buyer’s browse the gigs on fiverr’s main site to make their buying decisions. And yet, if you read the gig descriptions on the main site, a lot of the gig descriptions are as bad as the posts on the forum, yet, people still buy.

If the forum allowed links, I would put links here showing gigs with their queue pretty healthy but if you read their gig description, you may be scratching your head and asking why?


And so the final nail was hammered into any sense of fun on the forum.

Sorry, but a tiny amount of buyers visit the forum and those that do usually don’t do so in order to find new sellers to work with. That said, I have worked with people from this forum, all of whom attracted my interest because they seemed like normal people having a laugh by the office water cooler. (And they did good work).

I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but whenever I seem to come across your posts, they are always very damning of other peoples forum etiquette. In this case, may I add fool #10? Namely, people who come to the forum with the express intention of categorizing the majority of its other regular users into 9 different hierarchies of fools?

I’m sorry, I don’t bow to being called an idiot lightly and as soon as pick up a whiff of hypocrisy this bad, I simply have to reach for the verbal fire extinguisher.

P.S This was fool classification 6 checking in.


But someone has to do it! And she is allowed her opinion like the rest of us. It released some pent up frustrations in me to read her post. But you make a good point too. It IS very critical.


Ok…I’m going to confess…this is my silliness coming out. Maybe there is a need for a new gig on how Forum etiquette can increase your sales by 300%.

Next up…my silly GIF


I don’t know where you got this idea from, it seems to me like it would be hard to quantify.

Sure, I like professionalism as much as anyone but I also like the fun parts of the forum as well as the rants etc, even when they need a bit of cleaning up. The reality is that the forum has changed hugely since the changeover to the new platform and it is definitely more professional and business centered.
However, despite most of my posts being Fiverr related and business focused, if the fun and entertainment elements of the forum were lost I would not be here very often.

While sharing your opinions is fair enough, I think it should be noted that not everyone sees each of your points about people in the same way, some would definitely see them differently. Right off the top of my head, I can think of at least one of each of numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 that I have hired because I saw them on the forum.


I really dont understand what you are saying


You have hired someone guilty of point number 6?