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Sellers lying on pricing

Can someone from Fiverr please tell me what Fiverr is doing to stop sellers who advertise for $5 and then when you contact them want 10x more for the gig they are advertising, its a total waste of my time.


What kind of service were you purchasing that was $5 then was quoted with a higher cost? That is common if what you’re asking is out of the scope of the basic $5. You are always free to find a seller that works with your budget


Is the scope of your order the same as that listed for the gig?

If your order requires additional time, effort, and consideration than the base gig, then being asked for greater compensation is only fair.

Many sellers offer gig extras or higher level packages for additional options and features, but at an additional price. Thoroughly reading the gig description and what come included with a purchase is an absolute must.


Try to talk with the seller, what happen, some people offer a basic service for $5 but, premium service for more, could happen that you choose premiun service…


Plus, if you don’t like someone’s prices after their quote… you can always move on to someone else, you know… It’s not like there’s a single person on Fiverr providing that service. There are thousands others most likely


Agreed. In almost all services, there will be options available.

I say almost because some oddball services haven’t been replicated yet, like the guy sitting on an inflatable boat in his living room.


Sometimes I ask for 2x or even 3x the price from my highest package since I do software developments and I can’t be done packaging what I could offer, the packages I have is are for most common tasks. So If you’re trying to do a custom offer it all depends on the complexity of the project. If the seller’s quote does not align within your budget you may ask for a negotiation if the seller doesn’t seems to go low, you have total freedom to find some other seller who offers the same service. :slight_smile:


Even then, you have an alternative like people dancing around near a pot of gold like natives. Or maybe you hire Jesus to advertise something. Again, lots of options :slight_smile:


Well, if you specifically wanted an individual in an inflatable raft that is placed in his living room, he’s the only option in the entire platform!

As for Jesus, he no longer has a monopoly on Fiverr and I think there are two other sellers offering the same impersonation service. :laughing:

i am disappointed in some of these replies to be honest, so i will explain in more detail…

I do read the whole gig description of course, i did not post in here because I am not reading things, take this gig for example… ******************** when contacting the seller they want $60 for the service.

for those that say there are other sellers that i can find, i am really annoyed at these comments, of course that goes without saying, but I am bringing this up because half of the sellers are using this behaviour… and me contacting 20 sellers to find one thats honest is a waste of my time.

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Your disappointment in the comments is belied by the lack of details in your original post.

In the forum, the practice of targeting or calling out specific buyers or sellers is prohibited. The seller you referenced is non-leveled, offers unlimited revisions, and sells a service of writing legal documentation and binding return policies for a dirt cheap price. Those are big warning signs that you seemed to have overlooked.


Thanks for sharing the example although I don’t think you’re allowed to put the exact gig link in the forum. Anyhow, yeah I checked and the gig description seems a bit vague. Truly the solution at the moment is to go through the many sellers until you find the right one, which as you say does take up your time. Or take the route of posting in the buyers request section that will allow the sellers to come to you.

Although I just wanted to share that as much as there are sellers who have a vague gig description there are those with very detailed ones and packages. It will take probably a minute to read and not bother to contact those kind of sellers? And spend your time instead with those who have detailed packages?

You can also report your experience to Customer Support as well as I don’t think they usually go through the forum as often.


I hope you didn’t contact that seller because of their gig image.

Generally speaking, when something looks too good to be true (like a lot of legal writing for $5), it’s highly unlikely to be true.

As for your first question, since bait and switch isn’t allowed, you can report those sellers to Customer Support, and CS will investigate them.


they have 5 stars from 16 reviews?

i appreciate the new replies, i was hoping fiverr was monitored a bit more actively by the staff but i guess this is not the case. thanks all for your help.

Sorry, typo. Non-leveled is what I meant.

Fiverr has millions of users, it’s not possible to monitor them all closely. That’s why staff relies on users to report things that need to be reported.

I agree with the above opinions on the (probably intentional) vagueness of that example. While the ToS does state:

It also states:

HOWEVER (source: Integrity and Authenticity - Fiverr's Community Standards):

I guess what I’m getting at, is your example is working through a loophole. They promise nothing specific, and thus are skirting the rules. So: report them.

Fiverr relies on it’s community to report gigs. They’re busy enough with reports that seeking out more isn’t something they likely do. Personally I’m glad the wait-time for response from CS is down. For a few months in 2020 they were taking weeks to get to peoples tickets.



which report option would you recommend?

I’d recommend submitting a ticket to Customer Support.

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