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Sellers lying on profile


So I believe this seller is lying about their profile their photo is fake and they say they are from the US but the conversation we are having this person has a really hard time following directions and such

Mod Note: Name removed. Please note that calling out other users on the forum is not allowed. If you have an issue with another user, please contact customer support or post about it here without names, if you just want to discuss it/seek advice.


This is something you and every other buyer need to be looking out for.

Not all sellers are honest, and for the most part, Fiverr has yet to find a more effective way to deal with that.

What you can do:

-Report the seller to customer support so that trust and safety team flags them
-Ignore them, and move on to other sellers

In the meantime, you will need to abide by forum rules and remove the seller’s username in your post.

Calling out users -both buyers and sellers- is not allowed.

Have a good one! :slight_smile:


The sellers from a timezone which is GMT + 5

So for future references, you may wish to keep an :eye: on that.


Hey @djgodknows !

So the time zone thingie is NOT fooled by the VPN bozos out there?


No Senor Franko, it ain’t pHooled… :space_invader:


Cool! Good to know!



Ya Ju got it meng. :ok_hand:


okay thank you, I just had a feeling because I was getting really tired of repeating stuff to this person


If you need to repeat stuff to them over and over and over again, it doesn’t really matter whether they’re lying or not; if they don’t understand what you need from them, look for someone who does.


this was after the order was placed which i just canceled the order and now looking for someone else