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Sellers marking orders as delivered, but nothing is delivered


I’ve recently had three buyers mark an order as delivered and tell me they will deliver in another day or so.

They mark is as delivered so the order is not considered late.

Is there any recourse for us buyers other than to request a cancellation?


Hi @lilgator,

I’m really sorry to hear about your situation.

I highly suggest contacting customer support. They will definitely not only cancel the order themselves, but will also probably give an advertisement or even close the accounts of sellers who break the rules of Fiverr.

In the meantime, make sure to click ask for a revision to avoid allowing the order to be marked as complete automatically.

Hopefully, this would solve the issue.


You can:

  1. Contact Customer Support with screenshots, and tell them that the seller violated the Terms of Service (“empty delivery” is strictly forbidden by the ToS, and repeat offenders can get banned from Fiverr).

  2. Request a modification, so that the order doesn’t automatically get marked as complete…

  3. …or, if you don’t mind parting with your funds, you can leave an honest review and tell everyone exactly what you got from the seller.

If the seller needs more time (life does happen, after all), they can ask you to extend the deadline, so there’s really no reason for empty delivery.


Actually, in both cases, I would not have minded the seller asking for and getting extra time. The first time it happened, the seller actually told me exactly why he did this.


Please do all three. Buyers have to help filter dishonest and poor sellers out of Fiverr.