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Sellers Masquerading As Company Buyers- Beware

Hi Fiverr’ss

This is my 3rd post now on this evolving problem of sellers pretending to be the company or person who needs the work from you.

As a VO I got fooled a 3rd time this week. So why should it matter if this happens?

Not going to give you a laundry list of reasons. But before you commit to a job, find out who your doing the work for. Ask them outright if they’re the end user of your gig product. You will thank me for this.

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Im sorry I didn’t catch it… forgive me i’m slow… please explain what makes it a issue for sellers pretending to be a company? please enlighten me…

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Well I have both a synopsis and article writing gig, and I do get contacted by people who were sent by the original client to hire me for work. It’s not outside the ordinary for an assistant to track down writers for their company if they need a press release, or for their publisher if they need a book or film synopsis or logline. Basically their bosses send them out to do the work because they’re too busy themselves to conduct a talent search.

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Understand, this is more about time waisting from buyers that don’t disclose that


Basically if a video maker approached you, let’s say. And did not mention that their the seller and not client you assume that it’s the client based on the the original script. What tends to happen is you get hit with all kinds of requests for free revisions and back and forth stuff. Wasted 40 mins the other day going through a twelve page dossier of customer requests. ., On top of the video maker. Not only this they almost never leave feedback in this situation. A seller with an account he set up for no doubt buying anonamously in case he or she gets reported. Never had a problem with a VH guy that tells me he’s such

I don’t know about that. I offer 2 revisions no matter what.
And my timelines are fixed so if for example content for a website is not delivered on time then they will get the site with dummy text.

When it comes to feedback, as long as it’s not bad feedback I don’t really care if it’s provided or not.
Unfortunately Fiverr doesn’t show # delivered orders so # of reviews is important, but when it comes to gig placement in search I’m pretty sure a delivered order is worth more than a review.

I get your point that resellers may be more difficult buyers to work with, but at the end of the day I think it comes down to what process you have in place and how you handle them.

Right now I’m more of a buyer on this platform and I don’t buy the services for myself.
I always stick to the rules that the seller has set, I pretty much always leave feedback and I’ve never had a seller who refused to work with me the second time due to my behavior and such.

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