Sellers may not promote their Gigs or any Fiverr content via the AdWords platform


What is meant by this one of TOS key mentioned by Fiverr ?


Some people promote their business by AdWords they set campaign target people and Pay per click, Fiverr do not allow this to use it for gigs.


Thanks for your reply i got it


You are welcome:):slightly_smiling_face:


Can any one describe about it which platforms is not allow for this type purpose?

Thanks in advance!


I think all platforms are not allowed


Social media you can promote your gigs via Facbook page, Youtube channel,
Twitter, instagram.


Take fiverr anywhere system let’s you share your gigs, but not via ads, you can do it personally


You can promote your gig with paid advertising anywhere you like, except Google Adwords, so paid FB ads etc. are fine.