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Sellers must not be punished for this!

Hi there!
So as you read my title, some of us experienced this thing already. And it really annoys it every time it happens. I am talking about Buyers purchasing Gig Extras after delivering the order.
But you might think, what is wrong with purchasing Gig Extras then?

Well, this week I had 3 the same situations, and I am afraid that it will keep happening.

So, most of the times, I get orders at midnight (my time) from America. I sleep for about 8+ hours. So when I wake up, (and for this example, it is 24-hour delivery), there’s about less than 16 hours left for the order. I am not always available to do this job immediately after I wake up, since it’s a part-time job for me, I got other things to do. Then there’s about 12 hours left to the delivery and I finish the work within less than 9 hours left. I deliver the order and I go sleep. At some point at midnight, a Buyer decides to purchase one of my Gig Extra packages. That’s a good thing, BUT! Once he purchases it, the timer continues. I wake up and I see this: Gig Extra purchased; Your delivery is late. Delivery stats decreases, you get less orders. You, as a Seller, didn’t do anything wrong. At all!

I mean…why this?

Shouldn’t we have compensated time? It could use a similar system as revisions do. If a Buyer buys a Gig Extra, we should get another 24 hours to deliver it. As of purchasing Gig Extra while the order is not delivered yet, I understand, it doesn’t need that, but if the order is delivered, and in my case, most of the times, I deliver it on the evenings, and then a Buyer purchases a Gig Extra while I sleep and the time counts again.

So in conclusion, we should get more time to deliver the order if it was delivered already and then someone purchased a Gig Extra for it.

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don’t offer fast delivery then…



you should choose extra time for your gig extras. I think it will resolve the issue.


Well, you see, it only requires a few minutes of work, which would be very suspicious for the buyer

I better keep 24 hour delivery option, because I earn a quarter of my earnings from that and it would be a huge loss

Added to it

Buyer order a GIG

After 12 hours I do the job and send it

buyer comes back after 2 days ask for changes

Do it in say 13 hours and send

buyer comes back after 2 days order a GIG extra with another day added to it

Boom the delivery is late,

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I’m not sure the “late” delivery of the extra is counted against you. I’ve only had it happen twice but as I recall it didn’t get counted as a late delivery. I delivered it before it said “very late”.

Same, I deliver it when it says late, not very late. But still, losing delivery stats.

I am agree with @aimen_03 , added extra time if you can’t manage to do it, problem solved :grinning:

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I am managed to do it, unless a Buyer decides to purchase Gig Extra in the middle of the night for me. If they purchase it while I am awake, I wouldn’t be late. And that’s not a solution since as I replied to another message, some of my Gig Extras require a few extra minutes of work, which would make Buyers suspicious and they might not want to order it.

@cre8iveartwork And also, as I said, I used this 24 hour thing for the example only.

It helps to deliver fast and not wait until the deadline so you still have some time left.