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I have something that has been working for me!

I started posting the amount of TIPS my customers give me in the feedback review section, you know when the buyer posts his feedback with stars and then you can add a reply. I did this because I thought about when people see other people do things, you know monkey see monkey do psychology.

I use to read my older sisters psychology books when I was a teenager because she would always use that knowledge against me, when we had sibling fights, she was in college and I was still a teen. It made me so mad she would do that she would call me all these words and tell me I’m a monkey with issues… I started reading her books and she couldn’t tell me crap after I knew what she knew, I fought fire with fire. I’m thankful for reading those types of books, It helped me a lot later in life.

Anyways, I post something like "Thanks my friend for the $20 dollar tip!"

Well I have to say IT WORKS! Since I started posting my TIPS, I received a 50% increase in TIPS! My biggest tip so far is $45 dollars and I average a $10 dollar tip now!

Do it now! It works for me! It might work for you!


I liked the video… !!! You are a good actor as you says… but i dont know for the rest of us!

That might help… Would surely try it one day…

I got tips two times… max was 15 and min was 5…

What a great idea, thanks for sharing :wink:

I’ll try tit thanks for the tip :smiley:

I see where you actually do that and it works for you but I am a bit weary in doing that though, all the best.

Wow! that is very good, I will have to keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip, I could not help from laughing about you and your sibling fight. It brought to mind my brother and my 3 older sisters would throw shoes at my brother when he opened their bedroom door.

yep. shoes. lol, my brother said he would dream about getting hit with those darn shoes and hear them hit the door.

Hmmm, I’m not sure I agree with this. I feel like it flirts with the line of ‘dark marketing’. It seems to create an insecurity that if a happy buyer does not leave a tip, they might be perceived as ‘cheap’ or ‘ungrateful’.

Is it an effective marketing tactic, yes, definitely. Will I use it? Probably not, but solid discovery either way.

Good idea. I will definitely start adding “thanks for the tip” to my buyer reviews, for the ones that do tip.

Good one! I’ll try it out! If it works, I’ll tip you too…haha

You know I have to say this, that I think this tip thing works great for me because I’m a very competitive sales person on Fiverr, I have orders everyday as long as I don’t go on vacation mode, at least 5-10 orders per day, and that’s because I’m the most affordable with what I do, so when people tip me so well like the $20 dollars or $50.00 tips, I was blown away, I didn’t expect such large tips…

I think its because they see what it would have cost them by using other video spokesperson on Fiverr. So once they see the value they got, they feel good about tipping me such large amounts.

Now this might work for you in a way where you lower your pricing to give you a competitive edge on Fiverr to shoot you up in sales, and then ask them for a tip, its kind of like the bell boy situation at a fancy hotel.

The only drawback is you risk the chance of not getting tipped at all…

This reminds me of how sometimes the news or people say that there are some jobs that rely on tips to make a better living…

I also have to share this story, I was on this date, with this super fly sexy latina, I mean she was super fine, so then I took her to this really well known place where you cook your own food at the table yourself, its pretty cool, and the prices were amazing, so me and her hit it off really well, we were so into our conversation, at the end when I paid with my card, I was going to leave a tip cash, but I had my extra cash in the car, I always keep like 10 dollars in ones in the car, so as we were talking and I paid the cashier, we walked out and I was heading to my car, then this Asian lady comes out of the restaurant screaming, “NO TIP?” my super fine date and I looked at each other and thought “wow” like with our eyes… I said to the lady “sure of course I just had to come out to the car and get my cash”. Wow what a date, I didn’t know what to say, but I guess they were extremely anxious about making tips…I’ll never forget this story.

Anyways, anyone have any thoughts on this?

I’m telling you sellers it works! I LOVE IT!

Hi. I didn’t understand exactly what you wanted to say with ‘‘tips’’. What is a tip? How did you make sales with it? Where did you post them?

I totally agree with you. As I previously said, I think it’s a genius idea! By the way, since you are saying thank you to your buyer for leaving you a tip anyways, why not make it a “public thank you”. And the waitress thing was a good point! I am happy to get a $5 tip these days, though I have to say it really is a cultural thing if the buyer leaves a tip or not. A buyer from the US is more likely to leave a tip than a buyer from a different country. That at least has been my experience so far.

Reply to @joeyperezwest: There’s one pretty big hole in this theory.

Servers don’t receive paychecks or a portion of the sales they generate.

A more comparable position would be a Security System Installer. They are often paid per install (service) that they complete and are paid more for the more expensive packages. Like us, their volume is completely dependent on the buyer.

Now imagine this. Let’s pretend that your Installer pulled up to your drive way with his van plastered with notes thanking his customers for generous tips.

Wouldn’t you feel obligated to tip if you saw this? This is what I mean by flirting with ‘dark marketing’. I feel like it’s creating a false insecurity and manipulative. I’m not saying that it’s not BRILLIANT or profitable, because it is. I’m simply saying I don’t believe in that kind of business practice.

Oh and I never tip 15%… I start at a base of 20% and work up from there because I understand they don’t receive paychecks and make a living off of my generosity.

Not sure if it works always, but thank you for your tips

The biggest I ever received was $140 and I had even posted it in Twitter [This may not happen again though:-)


How can tips increase your orders?I don’t understand.

It’s like making a new gig and waiting for buyers

I am sold on tips. It is important to understand that tips are not forced and if some does not want to leave a tip that is just fine too. I think most good tips are left for a good job done.