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Sellers: My Fiverr repeat business is really starting to take off. What about you?


I don’t have a real percentage, but I estimate that about 35% of my Fiverr business in the last 3 weeks has been from repeat business. I had a woman order 6 of my gigs in the past 2 weeks and a new buyer order 8. Another buyer purchased 4.

This is really making me happier as a seller here. All these buyers started out buying one of my gigs and I guess after I deliver, they just keep coming back for more.

I assume most of the veteran Fiverr sellers are seeing the same trend…

Enlighten me…



Yes, it happens a lot with me too.

Once I deliver the gig, the people start coming back for more & more.


Yes, so much so I’m working on better communications for how to purchase extras after delivery and the like.


Bruce that is great and repeat buyers are good for two reasons, they like what you do so they order more and they also tell their friends and family about the quality of your work… excellent


I reckon on average 40% of my orders are repeat orders. It’s rather pleasant to help out loyal customers.

arnevb said: All clients that YOU made will stay yours,

That is awesome advice from a fellow rating-2 seller ;)


The majority of my business is repeat or referrals. I currently have one who has ordered 20-30 gigs starting before Christmas and always says that she’ll come back for more (and that is one buyer that I trust to come back since she’s already proven to stick to her word) and another one who ordered one a few weeks back and has ordered another 9 recently.


It must be the quality of the working you’re sending out. I have yet to receive anyone willing to buy my gig so I obviously haven’t experienced a repeat sale.

Good job, though. Nice seeing people make money.


Does anyone make a practice of following up with customers a week or two later and trying to get more business? Is that considered spammy? I do it with customers who have ordered twice. So far now the reception has been very good. I want to try it with people who’ve collected my gig but not ordered, though I can see where that can have positive and negative results. What does anyone else think?


I’ve gotten a lot of multiple orders lately. Love them. I try to offer very unique gigs and something cool for the money (when I started I was almost the only crocheter on here and now there are almost 200) so it’s flattering to have repeat business.


Reply to @yourreviewer: Yeah, I do. I have different gigs that all compliment each other, so when one happy buyer is done with me, I always offer them related gigs. One third them take the offer. Upsell baby!


Reply to @princemaxx: I always come back to you. We’re not done working together on Fiverr yet.


I believe about 80% of my orders are currently repeats, which goes to show how much my repeat customers are ordering. I think I get about $2k a month from repeat customers which is great (and they tip well too!)


Reply to @ryangillam: 2K a month is excellent. Which gigs are netting you that amount?