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Sellers need a prestigious position between level 2 sellers and top rated sellers


Fiverr have 4 positions for sellers.

  • New seller
  • Level 1 seller
  • Level 2 seller
  • Top rated seller

The first three position is easy to pass. But only a few sellers in this community can acquire the position of top rated seller. There is no specific requirement to be a top rated seller. That is why a seller with 50 feedbacks and a seller with 5000 feedbacks both of them posses the same position of level 2 seller. But it looks odd. The position of these two shouldn’t be same. Fiverr authority should create level 3, level 4 or more positions before top rated seller.


You’re right
I agree with you, because 50 gigs for level 2 are too simple to get.

I have the same problem, I have more than 3 years in Fiverr with 100% satisfaction and I’m in level 2 meanwhile some sellers that have just few moths are in level 2 and they sell the same services with me for just $5 or $10.


Yes, I think fiverr authority should concentrate in this prestigious issue. The sellers with huge experience and feedbacks should treat with an advance level.


I Agree with this!

I have more than 2k gigs sold. Still hoping that I would be considered for a Top Rated Seller…


Yes, fiverr authority should think about it. :slight_smile:


You would surely be considered. Your gigs are amazing.
But you’ll have to increase positive rating.


With due respect I disagree. There is a certain threshold to be considered for TRS evaluation. One being $20k earning on Fiverr so I don’t think anyone with 50 feedback reviews can be selected. I am currently under evaluation to become a TRS and they will notify me in 48 hours, so fingers crossed. Please wish me luck. Thanks! Capture