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Sellers need options of

sellers needs options of purchasing bids…as in the other freelance market place .they allows sellers to purchase extra bids to increase their sales .what do you think about this suggestion??


Fiverr sellers already get more bids than sellers on other platforms, and they get them without paying.

Or do you suggest that Fiverr sellers should start paying for something that they can now do for free?


never. i am suggesting to purchase extra bids .

Why? This would unbalance the current system, and open the door for unfairness. The 10 buyer request responses limit is fair and reasonable as it is. This limit applies equally to everyone, and gives no one an unfair access advantage.

The best way to be successful as a seller responding to buyer requests is to become better at writing great offers that capture the attention of buyers.


No, we don’t need another site like freelancer dot com. Thats horrible I spent more money there than earned. I terminated the account and I still somehow owe them 56$. What a horrible site. Fiverr is more fair, after all we re just looking for work in harsh world. I dont want to bid and pay to get work. If the economic situation was any better in my homeland I wouldn’t be on fiverr dooh

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I have tried the so called other frreelance market, I didn’t enjoy the freedom Fiverr offered me. I paid for quite some time, nothing was forthcoming.

When I started selling on fiverr, I made good use of the buyers request and it helps alot. I think Fiverr is best at what it does.

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But why? At what other freelancing site do you get 280-310 free bids per month, and why would you need even more than that?