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Sellers need some more support! [IMHO]

Hey Guys,

This will be my first post on the Forum, so please be gentle!

I recently received an order on my “design your vintage or retro logo” Gig® here on! (yay!)

After receiving the information that I requested through my ‘Instructions for buyer’, I promptly got to work on what I had hoped would be my next happy customer’s logo.

Shortly after delivering the completed logo design, designed perfectly to the buyers specified requirements, I got that dreaded “Unfortunately, blahblahblah did not accept your delivery.” notification, naturally I hit the notification, taking me back to the order page and it.

At this point that I came across the first worrying thing about this experience, The update from the buyer went as follows: “Thank you Samm, This design is good.” (“So why am I looking at the ugly modification request image?”, I asked myself) “However, I was hoping that it would look more like a design I had by another designer on here” (At this point more questions were being raised than answered.) “I have attached the logo that was designed for me…” (As oppose to before I started designing?) “I didn’t pay for this design in the end because the designer took too long”.

That last bit was a concern for me, this means that another designer has put in hard work to design this logo, that the customer was clearly happy with, yet had decided not to pay because the designer “took too long” or, in my opionon, because the seller didn’t really feel like passing up the chance to grab a refund and get a second design. However, the show goes on!

After completing and delivering a second design, closer to the style of the attached (stolen) logo I received yet another “Unfortunately, yadayadayada did not accept your delivery.” notification, again, clicking the notification, I arrive back at the order page only to distressed by the following:

"Samm, this design is not great work qaulity(Yes qaulity, as oppose to quality), it looks like the circle(alt+shift, perfect circle!) is out of shape so I am not happy to pay for this, I would like to cancel!"

Desperate to avoid receiving a poor review destroying my chances of making further sales I conceded to the mutual cancellation and ask that the buyer delete my work. We all however know that in actual fact, this buyer is going to keep both mine and the other designers work and probably continue on to steel yet more sellers work!

This is an unfair situation for sellers to be in;

Firstly, because I feel that if you have delivered on your gig description perfectly (in my case, Twice!), you deserve the $4 you have earned for it!

Secondly, because if a cancellation takes place, you can not leave feedback or a rating for the buyer, giving you no way of warning other sellers off of dealing with such a buyer.

Thirdly, because there is no easily accessible way of reporting a buyer.

Is it fair for sellers to have to put up with this kind of treatment? I don’t think so! I personally feel that there should be the option to have Fiverr look into the cancellation and decide if it was a) fair of the buyer to request it, and b) whether it was the sellers fault. (given that it affects their rating % and future sales)

That, I believe is the end of my rant! If you have read this far I greatly thank you!

If you have had a similar experience, please feel free to comment.

Best wishes,

Samm -F

Ugh, sorry that you had to go through this Samm.

I’ve taken caution with customers like these and have started using watermarkers as a copyright badge on the deliveries.

or another thing I do is, whenever I get a customer like this:

one that says “THIS IS AWESOME, but I was hoping …” (Basically changing the initial request) I just cancel the order, cause we all know it’s a red flag.

since the customer already admitted to not paying for the other designers work, I would’ve went ahead and cancelled the order at this point, in 99% of the cases he will end up stealing your work too.

a) do some googling, it’s a logo so you should have the business name (9/10 they’re already using it)

b) if you find the logo(s) being used somewhere … report the customer to fiverr’s customer support.

If a customer cancels after i have completed to work i will immediately upload the work under my copyrights. If they buyer ever tries to use unpaid work i can then easily prove copyright ownership and file a DMCA compaint

I know you rate the buyer after they rate you, but their rating doesn’t show up anywhere for a seller to decide if they want to work with that buyer

Reply to @missjena: You can search for the buyer on Google, and see their ratings (if any), and also their posts on the forums (say, those who create several threads to bash a seller). Not a perfect solution because not everything shows up, but still useful.

Whatsearch term would you use on google? Their user name?

Reply to @missjena: Type: username