Sellers Need to be penalized for NOT delivering…more than just bad rating!


I have spent a lot a money on Fiverr. MOST of my gigs have been EXCELLENT…and I have repeatedly gone back and used the same gig over and over as I appreciate the sellers.

**** SUGGESTION to FIVERR! When you have a SELLER that is repeatedly LATE or does NOT deliver, they need to be penalized!!! We pay money ( and NOW folks are smart enough to charge for every little “a and um”, so rarely are you paying 5 bucks-which is still okay) But you have SELLERS that are wasting our time, energy and money!!!

And our money is out of commission for days/sometimes weeks (as some delivery dates are 14+ days) and then as a SLAP in the face the darn seller does not deliver and doesn’t even bother to respond to NICE emails as to where they are in the process (silence)!!! One hears nothing from these folks…silence!!!

This is NOT fair to the buyers!!!As we sometimes are hiring folks for specific deadlines that we have and if they do not deliver as THEY promise it really puts a kink in the chain!

SUGGESTION:::: instead of only having the ability to CANCEL and share your written dismay(in a short space), the inconsiderate SELLER should NOT be able to take on anymore clients for 30 days if they get more than 3 bad reviews in a month or 3 late …or worst yet, 3 NON delivers in a month!!!***

This way it will have an IMMEDIATE effect on their bottom line!!!

SOME of these folks are real jerks and its not fair and THEY make it bad for the awesome sellers that are really trying to do the right thing.

OUT of several hundred gigs I have purchased I have only left one (KINDA and to be honest it wasn’t even that bad) bad review because they seller really tried to make me a satisfied customer.

Perhaps there is a new batch of folks here on Fiverr that don’t really just care???

Because the last several gigs /sellers purchased have been a pain the butt. As soon as I finish this (after waiting two weeks and four days passed the due date, giving the seller the benefit of the doubt) I will be cancelling yet another gig!

The BAD rating is easy to over look if someone says late etc. as we all know that sometimes things/life happens in our lives that make it difficult to finish. I know I for one do think twice, but I feel if they have enough “good” notes I will give them a try.

FIverr- you have gotten a lot of my money over the last couple of years and sellers have had a loyal customer, but if the BUYERS can not get more of a leg up when spending our money- I am afraid this loyal buyer is going to have to stop using your services.


Reply to @djstjames: This can also happen in real life, too. I understand where you are coming from, but on the flip side many of us live by our ratings on here so a bad rating IS important to us. If you go below 90% you cannot bid on buyer requests and you won’t get new gigs. All it takes is one buyer to misread your gig and you are stuck doing so much more than you agreed to out of fear that this one person can capsize your ratings. It goes bothways, it really does. Fiverr is a place to buy things cheaper than you can get in the “outside world” and there are risks to both. I am sorry this happened to you. I’ve felt that same way when I have a large gig on the outside and I subcontract to people who don’t complete the assignments.


The seller is Fragglesrock and he knew he had an order. We communicated extensively. This was an expensive project. He seems to be lying to me. I would not be as upset if he just admitted he couldn’t do the project days ago. But he keeps telling me he will finish in 24 hours (11 hours from now) and has NO proof that he has done ANY work for 10 days. He just sent me the 10-second preview he sent me more than a month ago and claimed it was my order for a 15-minute video! This was my old script and my old voice over before I made my revisions. He sent me the order invoice for $315 after I sent him the updated script and the updated voice over. He did not do any work at all on this project for the entire 10 days. That makes no sense to me. How could he tell me that it would take 10 days to finish, and do no work on the project, and now tell me he can finish it in the next 11 hours? It’s been 13 hours since he said he would have it done in 24 hours, and he’s done no work on it at all. And he tried to lie about it by sending me a video that is the same preview video he sent me more than a month ago. It’s the lying that bothers me so much! Just tell me the truth. Can’t he just put together 1 minute of the video using my updated script and my updated voice over (that I sent him on April 16) so I can see that he can really do the work? Or maybe he took on a project he really can’t do. He should be penalized for that.

*** Sheriff’s notes: Calling out other users on the forum is not permitted. If you have an issue with your Seller and cannot reach them, contact Customer Support. Seller’s identifying information has been removed and replaced with “Fragglesrock.” READ THE FORUM DO’S AND DON’TS LOCATED HERE (and at the top of every single page on the forum) BEFORE POSTING ON THE FORUM. ***


I have had 2 separate issues that I was penalized for–1) I was in a car accident and spent 2 days in the hospital thus missing my order deadlines with no ability to respond which killed my ratings for months, 2) there was a bug with my gig and I didn’t receive any notifications of the order. I only figured it out when the person kept writing me asking me how I was doing and I ended up asking him if he was going to place an order. When he told me he placed the order TWO WEEKS before I went crazy writing the customer support team. The eventually fixed my gig and removed the cancellations from my ratings, but I point this out because its quite possible that sellers do not know they even have an order.


I am sorry to hear about your experience. There seem to be a lot of black sheep out there, I agree Fiverr should start cleaning out those sellers with a bad reputation.


This is just my recommendation, and I’m stating it with full knowledge that it is not always possible/applicable, but here it is anyway:

If you check up with a seller on both the order page and through the PM system (I am only notified of updates on order pages about 50% of the time lately) and they are not responding to your messages, right then is when you should cancel the order–I mean, give them a reasonable amount of time to respond, but don’t just wait until the seller decides to get around to cancelling the order. Some sellers won’t look at an order until they actually have time to do it, which for those with long delivery times, might not be for days.

I’d suggest two things. First, if you have been burned by several unresponsive sellers, you might want to try contacting sellers beforehand. Not all sellers are in love with this practice, but I understand why some buyers demand it, when they’ve dealt with sellers that don’t even acknowledge their order until ten days later when they ask to cancel it.

Second, when you put your instructions on the order page, just add a note asking if the seller can let you know that they’ve received the order. If they don’t acknowledge it within a reasonable time frame, ask for a cancellation.

All that said, a seller that is late or does not deliver repeatedly is penalized. Cancellation ratios are still factored into our levels and if a seller just never delivers, buyers can cancel the order and automatic negative feedback is left on the gig. That might not be extreme enough for some buyers who feel they have been grossly inconvenience by a seller, but it usually is for an honest seller, who then hopefully cleans up his act. A dishonest seller will just continue to rack up cancellations and/or negative feedback and won’t be able to make money here anymore.

Killing someone’s business for an entire month seems pretty extreme, but I agree that perhaps there should be a better way to weed out sellers that constantly leave buyers hanging. It would be good for buyers and good for the sellers who do actually follow the rules.


Too bad buyers can’t be penalized for placing an order without reading or following instructions in gig description.


Reply to @steveeyes: Money talks, huh?


Reply to @steveeyes: Let’s create a new rant thread about this.


Reply to @steveeyes: Yeah, let’s ban them from buying for 30 days. They should be penalized for wasting our time! Lol.

Topics like this are just ridiculous. If your order gets cancelled for whatever reason, then don't buy from that seller again and move on. I've had to cancel a few for reasons outside of my control. If I was banned from selling for 30 days then I think the "punishment" would be a little disproportionate.


Yup… it’s always the seller’s fault because the buyer can’t read…can’t follow instructions…because he pays 5$ for a basic gig and asks for all the extras for free… only because he can do that without getting in trouble :slight_smile: Why does Fiverr needs sellers anyway ?


Isn’t the easiest way around this particular issue to instate an acceptance period?

A seller has 24 hours from when the buyer submits instructions, to accept or decline the order. For gigs that have no instructions, or are 24 hour delivery, the time can be adjusted to 12 hours, or even six.

I know that won’t prevent all the problems - sellers can still over-estimate their abilities or time, and buyers can still ‘demand’ more than was originally agreed upon, and there can be other changes from either side - but it does make it more clear cut when there is a dispute.

It’s been said before and we all know Fiverr doesn’t want to rock their BUY-NOW!-sort-out-the-problems-later boat, but you can’t discipline someone if you can’t even tell if they did anything wrong. lol, yeah, I just realized I was talking about Fiverr, nevermind. :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing: This. I would love this so much. It would solve SO MANY problems, on both sides of the market.


Reply to @emasonwrites: Thanks. It would definitely help some. It wouldn’t even slow down the process very much. Both sides should like it. I dunno, it makes sense, I just don’t know if they’d ever implement it.

@globalva, What is the best way to make this suggestion to Fiverr, so that it would be genuinely considered?


Reply to @djstjames: Understood. Also $315 is a fair price. Most people are not like you and want that same item for $10, so I feel bad.

However, I took huge hits over technical issues and I ended up NOT getting any gigs for a long time because my ratings plunged for things not my fault. I had to write old clients and beg for work to get my ratings up again after that experience so I do know that ratings are everything on here and he’ll be penalized as much as the guy with the bad Yelp comments.

Take care!


Reply to @itsyourthing: I mean, the time spent waiting for order approval could come out of the total delivery time, i.e. if my delivery time was set to ten days and the approval period was one day and I took that whole day to come in and accept the order, I’d have nine days left to finish the work, if that makes sense. So sellers that have 24 hr. gigs, who I assume (danger, Will Robinson!), would be more proactive about getting on and approving orders, since they have a much shorter time period to complete that order anyway, could have that shorter approval like you mentioned and then have the rest of the 24 hrs. to finish the work, and on and on, I’ve thought about the utility of this idea A LOT.


There is not a way for sellers to limit the number of gigs in the queue creating weekly delivery challenges. I know I can lengthen my delivery time and raise my price. I just know how much the product is worth and the necessary delivery time. I keep gigs suspended just to control the work load. I am thankful I can send custom quotes to regulars.

For every new option, many times there is an adverse affect. To hassle buyers with having to wait on approval or acceptance may decrease buyer traffic, which may not be better in the end.

How many cancellations will a customer except before they just get frustrated and never use the site again. These are delicate dynamics.


Reply to @landongrace: On a certain other, unmentioned freelance site I work through they have a feature where sellers can limit the number of orders they’ll take at one time. When you reach the limit, your “gigs” are automatically paused. I think that would be a great feature for Fiverr as well.


Reply to @jtengle: I think this is a great idea, too! I’d want there to be a way to factor gig multiples and/or extras into when the gigs are paused, but this would also be pretty useful.


This is a horrible suggestion. When you conduct a business transaction you are doing so at your own risk. Fiverr will do it’s best to stop blatant scamming, but a couple late orders or dissatisfied customers should not be able to disrupt the income of someone for months.

Bad orders => Cancelled orders => less customers willing to go for that person.