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Sellers Need to be penalized for NOT delivering…more than just bad rating!


Reply to @steveeyes: Yup, or when they order the wrong gig.


Reply to @emasonwrites: All awesome thoughts. It would also be awesome if someone from Fiverr would acknowledge it. :slight_smile:


Reply to @landongrace: I’m pretty sure this was a response to my suggestion.

landongrace said: To hassle buyers with having to wait on approval or acceptance may decrease buyer traffic, which may not be better in the end.
That is a consideration, but I think the 'advance warning' aspect will be more appreciated by buyers than getting burned after an order is in process.

Personally, I'd rather wait a few hours to be reasonably assured an order will be completed than get a cancellation request or fake delivery a few hours before my deadline.

In its simplest form, it's not much different to checking to see if an item is in stock - sometimes you have to wait until the shop is open. :)


I am very frustrated. I have never used Fiverr before. It was recommended by an editor. I sent many requests and found a seller who said he could do exactly what I wanted for a fair price – less than some, more than others. He had 100% positive reviews. I sent him $315 and THEN I found out he would not deliver my video for 10 days. I was a little surprised and disappointed but agreed to wait. I launched my campaign anyway thinking the video would be done in 10 days. It’s now the 11th day and he’s giving me baloney about having to go to a funeral for someone who died three days ago. I keep asking him to send me what he did for the 7 days before the death in his family, and he has not responded. He just keeps telling me he’ll have my project done in 24 hours and has not sent me anything. I don’t think he’s done any work on it, or he would have shown me. It’s way past my deadline now and will be a huge hassle for me to find someone else and delay the final video even more. I feel like I should be compensated more than just getting my money back. This has really screwed me up. I will wait the next 11 hours and see if he delivers on his second promise (after breaking his first promise), but if not I will be giving him the worst reviews possible. I don’t know how that will help me, though. I hope I get my money back fast.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Thanks for tagging me and bringing it to my attention. There are some excellent points being discussed from both points of view.

The best thing to do regarding this or any other suggestion is to 1) place it in the Suggestion Box area of the forum here, and 2) Email Customer Support.

I can’t make any guarantees that suggestions will be implemented immediately, but I can assure you that feedback like this is considered extremely valuable and is genuinely considered.

Hope that helps. Heard, understood and acknowledged. :slight_smile:


Reply to @globalva: Thanks for the reply and the information. :slight_smile:


I had paid $40 for a proofreading/editing gig under 5000 words. The seller wanted 10 days to work on it. This was longer than I expected it should take, but ok… I agreed to it.

He communicated well enough and I tried not to be a pest. But at the end of 10 days he hadn’t done it, and I said ok take an extra day or two because I will gone for a couple of days anyway. He still didn’ t do it.

So I cancelled and assigned it to somebody else. But now I have $30 banked with fiverr and I hardly ever use fiverr, and I am “really” not happy about that! I guess the house always wins, right? This was my very first fiverr experience by the way.

In case anyone is wondering about penalties for these sellers, the truth is all the sellers get penalized. Assuming I ever get a completed project, I am not going to be very likely to be using fiverr much in the future, and I probably won’t be recommending it to others.


Absolutely not.

Sellers have zero control over the amount of orders that come in. This pushes up deadlines (i.e. what can I do if I have 400 orders placed whilst I am sleeping?). I could then wake up, offer mutual cancellation. Oh no, I am punished for that. Sellers have their level impacted by mutual cancellations (all cancellations count. Despite what Fiverr says. They do not impact your rating, but they impact your level).

So basically, sellers on Fiverr have zero protection.

Oh, and if a buyer offers a PayPal chargeback against the order. Sellers are punished too, because that is a cancellation AND we do not get our money.


Reply to @ryangillam: I had that happen one night and they were all my overnight orders, it was like 6 came in at once and I was scrambling the whole next day. I still did it tho and then went on vacation.