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Sellers Need To Take A Business Course

I can’t believe all the sellers that never return messages. Why the hell are they selling on fiverr if they don’t know how to communicate. As businessman with 26 years running several businesses and having a staff, they key element for any business is communication.

I’m a seller as well as a buyer! I can’t believe one seller last week. I purchased their gig and after I did they said they are going on holiday for a week and they will fulfill my order when they get back. They then made an empty delivery of the order but it wasn’t done. I rejected the order and the seller in turn delivered the order again empty saying for us not to reject.

Well, I had enough of such crap and cancelled the order and told that person to take a hike. Buyers want action on their owner. Not to wait until they get back from holidays. That’s a joke.

We have sent dozens of messages to buyers asking questions and those turkeys never respond and no doubt losing money.

If you are a seller, respond to message, provide good service and then you’ll make money. Too many people complain they don’t make money and this may be one of the reasons.

Out of interest how many of the sellers you contacted were new and un-established? I tend to find established, serious sellers always respond. I find there are a lot of sellers who think fiverr is a good idea, set up some gigs, and then become uninterested and don’t bother to reply to messages! It would be interesting to see what you encountered.

Many are established and have feedback of more than 1000 people. when I look for buyers I look for established individuals first. But, they just don’t care about the customer, only care about $.

There are others as well that will tell you that they can’t do much for $5 and try to up sell you without any real reason. I interpret those sellers as money grabbers. Unless you provide a professional service and treat people well, these type of sellers cannot survive in the real business world.

As a businessman with many years in business, communication is key to business otherwise you sink in this economy.