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Sellers not adhering to order timelines

Sellers, if you are not, cannot be bothered in delivering orders in the time stated in your Gig, DO NOT OFFER YOUR SERVICES.

As a new user of Fiverr, I am extremely disappointed with the number of Gigs I have ordered that have not been filled in time… There have even been two occasions where I have not been responded to at all.

I will be advising my friends and colleagues to stay away from Fiverr, unless sellers are held to account for missing order deadlines.

Reply to @jamesbulls: totally agree with your suggestion!

You have the power to hold them accountable… I know as a seller, if I’m late and a buyer cancels because I’m late, I get an automatic negative mark against my account. That can hurt. Fiverr has it built in to punish sellers who are late unless the buyer leaves them off the hook.

As @steveeyes said, if you cancel an order because it is late, you can also leave negative feedback which definitely hurts sellers’ chances of getting future orders and is something we all want to avoid.

If you are finding the sellers you have been using seem to be inactive though, maybe have a look for people who are listed as online as they are logged into the app, have recent deliveries within the last few days or week and maybe send them a message before you purchase the gig to check they are an active member. Hopefully that’ll help reduce your frustrations too.

And when in doubt, don’t think twice about using the “Contact Me” button on the right side of the page. There are probably a fair number of people who started a Fiverr page, quit for whatever reason, and never closed it. Shame on Fiverr for leaving those legacy profiles open, but yeah… look for recent reviews and when in doubt always email the seller first.


Sometimes being late is out of our control.

For instance a buyer purchases a gig, and send information for an item to be delivered for a review. The item being mailed to the reviewer can take some time and go over the normal time because discussion wasn’t done prior to buying the gig.

I have had this happen and it was a pain but I communicated well with the buyer in regards to that issue.

Now then, in your case I am sorry that you had this type of encounter with a seller on here. don’t let one person impact your view of the rest. As stated by others you can submit a cancel to the gig getting fiverr credit back to your account to get someone else to do it for you.

You can also request a gig by clicking your name on the upper right corner.Then click “My Orders” and select “Request a Gig”.

this way you can screen many potentials interested in your gig.