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Sellers not allowed to mark orders as complete anymore?

So the experiment of allowing sellers themselves to mark orders as complete after the 3 day moratorium - and when a buyer leaves the order open and just takes their final delivery, and splits? Is apparently over. I had a repeat client purchase my synopsis gig again recently, and leave no review. Three days (72 hours) went by and Fiverr marked the order as complete manually. Normally, I’d be notified that I could mark the order complete myself after the moratorium passed, I was not notified this time. So much for that ‘new feature’ I guess?

I never saw a way for a seller to mark an order complete. For me it was always either the buyer or the automatic 3-day completion.


Same here. I was always confused when I saw people mentioning that update.

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I’ll add my “same here” to this conversation, I’ve only been doing this for less than a year but I’ve never had the option of marking an order complete. I’ve had several orders get automatically completed when buyers don’t do it themselves and I’ve never had any control over it.

Let’s keep the “same here” chain going. Lots of beta updates I haven’t seen.

I got the option to do so. Used it maybe 4 times last month. But now it appears to be gone from my user cp. Not sure if this means it’s gone for good, or if tweaks are being made before a bigger roll out to everyone. But yes, I received it. Beta version apparently since it’s not mysterious gone.