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Sellers not answering gig requests


I’ve bought quite a few gigs on fiverr in the past, but lately I’ve been trying to get help with a programming problem that I know will cost me quite a few gigs, but I have written to 3 sellers and waited over a week for them to respond before trying another seller, and none of the 3 have answered. (I was very clear in what I need, as I said, I have used fiverr quite a lot). Is this a problem with fiverr, or with programmers being super busy, or something else? Has anyone else had this problem? My website has been sitting idle for a month now and I’m getting really frustrated. Any help, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.



Hi there,

normally sellers are answer to the buyer requests it they really can do your request, or may be they were busy, anyway I am a web developer, how can I help you?


Personally, I don’t think it hurts to contact more sellers at first if you get a lot of offers. Sometimes it is difficult to tell exactly what a buyer needs from the snippet on the buyer request page, plus there are limitations on seller responses since you have to choose a gig that may not appear to be a perfect match.

If I respond to a buyer request and they contact me with something I realize I cannot fulfill, I still respond as quickly as I can to let them know. I suppose it is possible some sellers just don’t respond if they realize they cannot fulfill the request, although it isn’t really the best business practice.


They might not notice the message (fiverr sends so many emails, it’s hard to always read all of it!), or they might be flooded with work.


Thanks all for your responses & thoughts.

online_db247 I am making a site for my small home town (6566 people). I want to include a directory that lists the businesses, schools, churches etc. using Sensis API (because very few people in our town are on google but all are listed on the Sensis database), I have no idea how to go about it. The more I research the more confused I am because I’m not a programmer! I only know html & css. So that is the basics of what I have been looking for, can you help at all please?





maybe I can help you to find clarity if you’re still confused about what to do.

Initially, each Fiverr profile has its responding time. You may check this on each seller’s profile.

Moreover, Fiverr has forbidden vocabulary option. So, if you’ve used some of the forbidden words, Fiverr could block your message.

Or have you already solve the problem?


programmers are difficult to come by on fiverr. I’ve had several jobs in the past, nobody responded. Recently I sent out 15, yes 15 messages to programmers, 1 response saying he’s busy. Nobody else responded. Most want to sway you to do business outside fiverr. It’s difficult to find responsible sellers. This is one of the biggest problems and those sellers simply don’t make money and don’t care.