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Sellers Not Delivering on their Promises

I purchased a gig for 10 slogans. The seller gave me only 3 out of 10 within the time frame and then considered my order closed. He came back with some excuse about being away but even after that, all my queries and correspondences went unanswered.

I also purchased gigs for logos. Despite my clear creative brief and with some recommendations (as earlier requested by the Seller), I got a bunch of logos that seem to be ripped off from other companies, also within the time frame. One of the designers also did not reply me when I asked for changes.

It appears Sellers have a way of “vanishing” as long as they deliver a partial or sub-standard order. I wonder what is Fiverr’s recourse and protection for Buyers such as I?

Under the old Fiverr it use to show the last time a seller/buyer logged in. That was quite helpful for me. If I sent a message and saw they logged in after i sent the message, I knew they were probably ignoring me. But if they did not log in after I sent a message, I wondered if something happen to the buyer or if for some reason they are not getting notifications from fiverr that they have messages in their inbox.

I will suggest you to contact fiverr customer support for the complaint! All you have to do is to submit a ticket choose the appropriate reason for contacting support !

And Don’t worry you are using fiverr the best customer support they will definately help !

I’ve just had a very bad experience with one seller. At first, I bought 1 gig from this seller, and (s)he delivered it on time and I was pleased with the result.

Then I ordered 7 more, and the deadline was over a week ago. (S)he quickly marked them as delivered, even though (s)he didn’t deliver anything. (S)he promised to deliver a couple of them a day, but ever since, I haven’t heard anything from the seller… (s)he doesn’t reply to me at all. Feels like this person has just stolen my money. Can I at least get my money back, or is it gone forever? I’ve let the Fiverr customer service know about this, but I haven’t heard of them yet… Is this how people operate here…??

You must clams for Re Delivery.

I would suggest contacting customer support and getting your money funded back so you can go with someone else. This week I have had two people do this to me but Fiverr had no problems cancelling the orders. I have never had a bad experience with Fiverr sellers until now…I usually order from Top Rated Sellers or Level 2 sellers. I don’t know what is going on lately.

Thanks for your comments, both of you! Yes, I’ve let the Fiverr Customer Support know about this. We’ll see how they will react.

I’ve contacted the seller four times now, but this person just doesn’t reply back anything, nor have I received anything.

The weird thing here is that some people have given him/her very good feedback within the past few days… Then a couple of other buyers have given very bad feedback, and they haven’t received their orders, either. Makes me wonder…

That is why I am always recommending the buyers to check the level of the seller and the total number of feedback he/she has. Most people don’t know how to design a perfect logo. What they do is just find out some crap from web and resend it with your company name. Because of those kind of logo designers we also get penalized by the buyers. Report to customer support and take your dollars back.