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Sellers not doing the right thing


So this is my second experience on Fivver. The first one pretended she was doing the work herself it was obviously outsourced. When my order was over a week late and I asked her where my order was i received a half baked website and she put the order in pending. She kept asking for more time and clearly had no experience. What was worse was I asked her to mark the order as complete and she kept asking if I will give her a bad rating. I waited one month then disputed it with paypal… WAITTTTT I sent 6 messages to the resolution centre with no response. So once I disputed it with Paypal my account got deactivated however upon review I was given a refund and account reactivated.

This experience is even dodgier- seller has marked the item as delivered and when asked where it is is asking for more time. This time I don’t care I will give her an honest review I will just state the facts and let ppl who consider using her service decide.

SOOOOOOO over this.


Oh and I will be naming and shaming both sellers soon.


With just one message was enough, Customer Service reply within 24-48 hours, so I guess your messages were marked as spam.

You can send ONE message to the resolution center(maybe you are not longer in Spam, I honestly don’t know), but it is not allowed for a seller to send an empty delivery, the seller could’ve ask for a delivery extension without sending an empty delivery so you can report the seller.

You cannot name sellers or buyers here on the forum. It is not allowed.


I know but I am happy to be banned it will stop me from coming back :slight_smile: Ok but seriously can someone please provide me some guidance my order is only $40 so I am happy to lose the money and put it down to experience. What about when she does this to the next person who pays double or triple what I paid? How do I notify Fivver of what this seller has done. IT makes me MAD because she has deliberately done this. I would have happily given an extension. I guess the risk is that I will now provide a review and I promise you it will be scathing.


I’d suggest leaving an honest review to warn people, and then reporting that seller for a serious violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service (“empty deliveries” are strictly forbidden, and repeat offenders can get banned).


Thank you so much. I have just reported it to the res centre. And yes my feedback will be factual with no opinion so ppl can see for themselves what happened. I have given her an extension to deliver in 5 hours. BUT my review will state exactly what transpired,

Her excuse is she is doing research. sounds more like me when I was studying and an assignment was due where I would try to rush and complete the night before :slight_smile:


By reporting I meant submitting a ticket to Customer Support.


So sorry this happened to you!

Does this seller have other reviews that are good?


Both of the things considered bad, giving seller nothing is also unethical.


My friend, you paid $40 for a new website, and were surprised that the result was unsatisfactory?


This is a common misconception. High Price does not equal high quality. Low Price does not equal low quality. It’s all up to the seller. If you can’t deliver quality work at $5, you can’t do it at $50. Every seller here usually starts at $5 and then raises the prices.

For $40, I expect a beautiful web template. What I don’t expect is the seller to spend 10-hours designing something original. $40 should buy 1-hour of work. $5 buys 5 to 15 minutes at least in America. In other countries, it might buy 30-60 minutes.

Buyers should keep in mind that the price you pay depends upon the complexity of the project. If it’s a 10-20 page website, maybe you should hire the seller for a landing page or the home page and see how he does with that, before giving him a huge project.


Usually elsewhere a halfway decent semi custom site without ecommerce starts around $1000 and up.


Is it more expensive because it requires a lot more programming than a simple wordpress website?


Well I was thinking of some law firm websites I was looking at one time, and they were templates with several pages and were extremely professional looking and had tons of various images and content.

They were more labor intensive to set up. They actually started at $1500 and were Wordpress but they looked custom made. You get what you pay for in general.

This company did sites for lawyers, doctors, dentists, and other professionals mostly.

You can get one of those generic sites with a huge picture taking up the space above the fold for
$200 or $350 or something but who wants one of those if they are promoting a service?


I think today there are premium templates you can buy for $50, $100, that look as great as a $1,000 website.

Of course, a law firm website is a huge undertaking. I wish I could share links here, google “the texas law hawk,” he’s an award-winning lawyer with infamous commercials. His website design is perfect, clean, easy to use, easy to understand, clear, it loads in like a second.


yes they were quick to respond until I advised I had my refund after that no interest that the seller violated the guidelines. Oh well there she goes scamming someone else. The good news is I got my act together and created my own resume.