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Sellers NOT performing

whats the best place to post about sellers who do not perform or cancel gig when you report as unfavorable?

FYI- do not use this gig -fragglesrock

Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool to call out others on the Forum

I guess , here , at the forum, is the best place.

I encountered a problem with a seller. I purchased a gig because it said the average delivery time was 3 days. Its been 5 now. Seller is insisting I give him 8 more hours. How do I just get a refund and cancel the whole thing? At this point, Im just done with it.

Thanks for any help.

Be sure to check the users feedback and examples to see if their service is inline with your expectations :slight_smile:

Publicly outing people is against the forum rules. See if you can resolve the problem with the seller as i know most sellers are happy to make amendments.


I don’t get why we can’t ‘out’ people on the forums. Like, what harm would it do.

Anyway, yes you can go ahead and leave negative feedback if they do not respond to your cancelation request - or go and contact CS.

Reply to @celinedesigns: You could be a moron buyer who’s too stupid to have understood something and now holds a grudge against a seller and really damage their business when they don’t deserve it.

Reply to @animusargentis: Agree

Public lists or calling out users isn’t allowed on Fiverr or this forum, because it can harm someone without any reason. By the way all the fiverr’s rules are awesome and have a particular reason behind it.

Bravo =D>

Uh I had the same problem, a guy had a writing gig but what he submitted was something copied from a website. In other words, he didn’t write anything, he just copy-pasted it. Now he refuses to cancel so I submitted a ticket to fiverr support.

Reply to @meili1: Oh! That’s really bad experience!

can someone just show me where in customer support I can actually contact someone from fiverr to deal with things ???

Reply to @meili1: that’s pretty low. I have never heard of anyone doing that. Get ahold of customer support for sure. We don’t need sellers like that here.

However to have a gig cancelled with no reason and no way to show negative feedback is not good.

What is the point of hiring someone who then cancels a gig causes a delay and does not even have the courtesy to write an explanation of why they cancelled?

The idea is to have an informed choice.

If a person cancels gigs others should be able to know.

In my view the individual who cancelled my last gig got off scott free.

If the management of Fiverr this individual shocksoundg should not be called out over this behaviour tough as WE are the customers. DO I care about coolness?

Oh and for the record I asked Fiverr to act and they ignored this.

So far my experience has been that you can’t really trust the average reply time. I have had to individuals in logo design simply not respond to my questions about the cost of a gig at all.

Seller did not follow my clear written request in the logo design. I tried to cancel the order at the sellers request and she keeps declined my request. It has been 3 days i have another person working on the logo and i cannot seem to get my money back. I paid her top dollars for a 2D design and she gave me garbage. Can anyone tell me how to get my money back sooner than later? I am ver dissapointed that there is NO telephone number to Customer Serivce.