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Sellers not responding


I have bought couple of gigs and the sellers are not responding. First seller stopped responding, so I sent the same request to another seller and after first day, that seller is not responding too.

How do I rate a seller? I hope these fiverr sellers are not scammers to take away the money. I paid twice for the same request.

Any suggestions?


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I bought a gig from a seller, waited 5 days only to have him cancel the gig, no reason. So I purchased from someone else. How do I get my fiverr money out? It did not give me the option of using these funds on the new gig so I still have money in the fiverr account. Also, any way to thumbs down or give a negative review to a seller who does this? I mean c’mon, I wasted 5 days waiting on this blow hard just to have him cancel with no reason, you should be able to rate down a seller who does this with absolutely zero communication.


Sellers are usually busy working …


I am having the same thing happen now. The seller waster the past 5 days. He said he would deliver in 24 hrs. when he missed the 24 hr mark i said WTH and he asked for 3 more hrs, and he missed that as well, now he wants to cancel the order, but I am not accepting the cancellation. He has wasted my VALUABLE time so I am going to leave a proper review.


Reply to @jaysniperhill: Some seller’s are annoying and are not dedicated with thwir work and in this way they lead to miss many opportunities to increase their income.

I am also a seller you can see my gigs if you are intrested you can contact.So far I have recieved 1 order and it was completed within 24 hours.


I think avoid those seller who are not responding.


buyer beware of fragglesrock he scams you and won’t deliver.

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My second purchase and I’m just having an issue with non delivery of multiple gigs …seller asked for additional 72 hours…She said to hit the Request Modification button while we finalize the work…I was unaware that the funds are released when you hit that button even though I have not received any work. Sent an email to customer service just a few minutes ago…$180 bucks hopefully not lost…


Reply to @etchman133: when you hit “Request Modification” button funds are not released, absolutely no!! On the contrary, the order gets rejected and seller (usually) has 24 hours more to work on it.

Funds are released 14 days after the order has been marked as complete from buyer (or 3 days after it’s delivered if buyer forgets to close it).


Fiverr is a sellers market now guys. RIP Fiverr


Reply to @kjblynx: oh, bad news :frowning:

Last time I got a request modification I got 24 hours more… :frowning:

So they changed it again, reverting the wonderful feature (for sellers) introduced some week ago. :-q


Are they in your time zone? If you’re in America and your seller is in Sri Lanka, he might be sleeping, working on his real job, etc.


Hi! you can always wait for 1 day before getting a reply from a seller. Always check a seller’s response time.

In case if a seller is not responding than do not worry. Check the GIG time. And wait until its getting finish.

If seller will not respond to you after that than you will get a refund by seller or you can raise a ticket to get refund.

Hope this will help you :slight_smile:


How do you raise a ticket?

There is no contact details for fiverr users and a seller is not responding with a job that is over a day late. Fiverr, you need to redefine your T & C with both sellers and buyers. I am getting the impression that there is no control over sellers ethics here (protected by fiverr), who protects buyers?


Reply to @sclean2424: really hope you’re joking!! Fiverr policy is almost entirely by buyer side!! So please, don’t ask for more…

About your problem: if the order is almost one day late, you can cancel it clicking RESOLUTION CENTER link and following instructions.

About support: every Fiverr page has the Help link that leads you to support page (; from here you can click Submit a request and create a ticket.


buyer are allays make more and more orders to the sellers those have to many orders
so they dont have time to response , i think buyer will go for some new sellers also i think they will do their work more better and allays give you better customer support too.... :-c


I’m not sure if this is the case in this situation, but my gigs have a longer creation period because I have to manage them with my busy schedule, and sometimes I get overwhelmed in trying to reply to everything.

For example, my delivery period for my recording gig is 7 days, and sometimes I will have 30 gigs at a time and get about 15 messages a day. I still manage to deliver everything on time, but occasionally I will miss a message.

Just make sure to write the person in their inbox as well. Updates from gigs can sometimes get missed.


I have also same problem no reply from seller :frowning: i contact 3 in 3 week just for simple design modification on drupal change background pont andbouton design

IF someone know a alive seller ui design please contact me !!