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Sellers Now Mandated to Offer Unlimited Revisions - No, You Can't Set a Number

Could Fiverr possibly get more awful?


Well, sit down kiddywinks because this is the ultimate kick in the face by the people you pay your 20% to for each order.

You might have seen my rants about buyers taking the biscuit lately with never-ending revisions. In fact, even I was starting to wonder what I was doing wrong and how I might be encouraging this behavior. Well, guess what? It wasn’t me. - It was your friendly neighborhood career-wrecking ball, Fiverr.

How? Simple. The gigs I’ve been having these problems with now do not allow me to set how many revisions I offer. - Nor sell extra revisions. - Which is probably why I have been getting hammered by never-ending revisions with almost every order. - All of which have been due to buyer blooming negligence and absent communication skills.

Don’t believe me? - Here’s what I can configure on my pricing for content writing:


No revisions. Also, why on earth would a writer include spun content with an original article?

Oh yes, I forgot, Fiverr is a clinically insane and knows as much about customer service as a T-Rex does vegetarianism.

Video gigs:


No revisions configurable.

So Fiverr dev wizards. Who’s idea was it to even test a feature like this and not even inform the people it is being tested on?

Doing this is the epitome of disgraceful. I SET MY PRICES AND MY WORKING CONDITIONS. To go behind my back and secretly remove my ability to let buyers know how many revisions I am prepared to offer, undermines this. Worse, I don’t know when you did this to my gigs. But I bet I can pinpoint the date just by going off my massively increasing stress levels.

That’s human experimentation, exploitation, and complete disrespect all rolled into one.

So happy days everyone. It looks like unlimited revisions are coming! - Just don’t expect to get any kind of heads up before new waves of Fiverr’s most needy, opportunistic, and scammy buyers start arriving on your gig doorstep.


Seriously, I don’t see this option in my gig. If buyer will get unlimited revision without seller agree to that. Every buyer will exploit the seller. I wd like to leave from fiverr then!! I have other solution and platform, which is great working for me!! thanks for giving this information, i will wait and watch.

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It’s not on all my gigs either. However, it is on the one’s which have been driving me absolutely bonkers and leading to 3am bedtimes, fixing work several times over which was delivered hours and days previously.

My best guesses:

  • a bug
  • someone forgot to add the revision bit
  • they listened and are planning to make revisions a thing the sellers DO take care of themselves by FAQ or whatever because nobody could figure out how to program that “Request Modification” button so that it aligns with the value chosen by the seller

I’d love some feedback on this. As of now, I can still limit revisions, but I don’t work in the same category as you.

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