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Sellers only fulfilling a portion of a gig


This is my third time ordering a logo where the gig includes stationary and social media kit, which the seller refuses to give to me. The sellers try to explain how these things are extras and not included in the gig. They even have tried to insist that I tip them in advance for the items. In addition to this, after all the time invested to get the logo design right, when I contact the resolution center, the only option is to cancel the order. Why won’t Fiverr tell the seller that they need to complete the gig? Also, when I put this info in my review, then the seller wants to retaliate. It no longer feels like a friendly, safe, buyer-seller exchange.


You should get a full refund if they did not do the complete delivery of what you ordered, even if there was a partial amount delivered.

If they try to retaliate for a bad review notify customer support. I’m sorry you got some bad sellers but most are not like this. Hoping you find a good one the next time!


Thank you. My frustration with canceling the order, is that I do not get to keep the logo I received. I feel like my only option is to accept the partial package and let my review reflect my dissatisfaction with my order.


You can cancel it then ask the seller to send a custom offer for only the logo.

It is possible they have no idea how to complete the rest of the gig. A logo designer who was offering the social media package in her gig asked on the forum what it was.


Yes, I was asked that before too. I recognize that this seller has multiple gigs. This might have been his initial gig he posted, because the others are more expensive. I did ask this last seller for the basic files. He said he will send them to me. Thanks again for sharing.