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Sellers ordering from other sellers then cancelling

In the past two months I’ve had 3 cancellations - all of which have been from other Fiverr sellers. 2 of them (or the same person) gave incredibly vague instructions, refused to answer questions and then almost immediately initiated a cancellation with no message or explanation. The last one simply filled in the instructions with a solitary letter to beat the requirements of providing details and then never responded until I initiated a cancellation 2 days later and then that response was to simply agree to cancellation.

I can only assume that these fellow sellers, all of whom have single high priced gigs with zero reviews, are the same person attempting to game the system and damage their competition.

Fiverr desperately need to do something about this, it takes time away from my real clients and is a huge pain to deal with.

Anyway, rant over. Just curious if any other sellers have experienced similar.


Lol - You can refuse the order cancel.!!

What would be the point of that? If I have no instructions to work from what would I deliver?

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Put in a disclaimer that if the requirements are not filled then you will deliver a random sample.

If they don’t like it and ask for a cancellation you send them to CS.
Hopefully at some point CS will connect the dots or refuse cancellation.


:joy: That’s a lot of faith in CS

Not really, but it will slow down those scammers.
Even getting a response will take min 24h :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Hunger games on Fiverr #clapclap all kinds of weirdos out there man, good luck.

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Well I’ve just had another one. This time the buyer (another seller) claims that they were hacked. I explained that they would need to contact customer support to resolve it. They have since gone silent, so I remain skeptical - it doesn’t help that their local time does not match their stated location and from the start of the order my Fiverr enhanced dodgy-buyer sense was tingling.

I also contacted trust and safety who told me they would investigate it but privacy policy prevents me being told anything and that if it resulted in a cancellation it would still affect my stats. Somewhat Kafkaesque but such is life on Fiverr at the moment.

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I’m very sorry for your loss… I too have had spurts of buyer activity similar to this recently. The new to Fiverr account status and non-matching time zones seems to be the ultimate giveaway.

Sadly, all that it is possible to do is decline requests for work from such ‘buyers.’ This can lead to you feeling a bit paranoid. However, today I noticed that someone who was desperate to get work from me, now offers a full service $$$ gig, which pretty much packages all my gigs together.

That said, they can still order direct and I do have an order due tomorrow which has set a few alarm bells ringing.

In either case, you are not alone!

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If they had contacted me first I would’ve absolutely declined, unfortunately they ordered directly.

Good to know I’m not alone :+1: