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Sellers peddling copied work as original

I’ve had two sellers now who’ve given me a completed work, swearing its original, that they produced it themselves. Imagine my surprise when I do an image search and find the EXACT picture on a gaming website or on pintrest, and it’s been there for a couple of years! Why am I paying $80 for a picture I could have downloaded for free from another site?? I did report these individuals and CS took care of the problem. However, in looking through gigs, I’m seeing a LOT of artwork that’s been ripped off from somewhere else and is being passed off here as original work. The seller KNOWS he/she can’t produce work of that caliber but they use the stolen images to hook the buyer, then try to shame and threaten the buyer when they complain that the delivered product isn’t up to the caliber of their advertised work. I’ve started doing an image search on the posted “examples” of sellers now before I consider asking for any work. Buyer beware!


I every now and then go through Fiverr graphics design, and when sellers swear it is their original work, and I have clear evidence it is not, I report them.

You can do it too. Send CS links to the images you found, and they will make them delete gig or replace images.

And as a buyer, always do a google image search of the images presented in a gig when selecting a graphic designer. It is not sure evidence, but at least if he made an effort to take an image that is not easily found on the Internet, maybe there is hope.

EDIT: unfortunately, even it is “good” for me, generally, it is terrible, but most of my clients hired me on Fiverr after they lost money with another graphic designer that ripped them off. So far, 90% of my orders were creating what they already paid to someone else and got nothing or stolen garbage.


Hello, I am a new buyer and thank you for this warning. Question: How do I do an image search and how do I send CS links to images? (I am German, so: Sending CS links seems to help, but: What does CS stand for?)


Hi, CS mean costumer service :slightly_smiling_face:


If you are using Chrome and Google is set as you search browser when you right-click on the image in Fiverr gig on the bottom, you will get a selection search image with Google, and it will try to find an exact or similar image. Most of the time, that is how I find fake “logo designers.”

And if you find the seller using an image from the internet, you click on the flag icon on top and select he is using no original work and copy link of the image from the internet. In 24-48 hours, he will be removed from Fiverr.


Thank you very much @marinapomorac for this important information. I want to give you two hearts for it, but there was only one to click. :heart:

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Hi Ulrich. CS stands for Customer Support. I do image search using Bing search engine. I have it set as my default search engine. When I find an image in a gig that looks suspicious, as if it may be copied, I right click on the image. I get a “search Bing for image” option in the popup menu. I click on that and see what shows up. As for reporting something to CS, there’s should be a little flag icon at the top of the page when you’re looking at a seller’s gig. Click it and you should get the form for reporting a problem. Hope this helps!