Sellers Plagiarizing Other Sellers Gigs. Not cool. -_-


I’m talking word for word! Down to the entire description, the highlighted and bold-faced words, the symbols I use, the whole FAQ, the gig package names and descriptions… you get the point, just wanted to clarify.

Maybe that simply means you’re doing something right. I mean, if someone finds it good enough to actually copy, it can’t be terrible, right? XD

I’ve let fiverr support know about these instances and included screenshots (it’s happened to me a handful of times so far), but nothing is done. Weeks later, and the gig stays up in all of its counterfeit glory. The worst part of all? The plagiarized gig I’m talking about is a writing gig! It makes me question how original what they deliver to their clients even is…

Perhaps this isn’t that big of a deal, but it really gets under my skin. These questionable sellers end up enticing buyers with my exact words.

Has something similar ever happened to you on here?

/End of rant.


:robot: EEEEEEVAAAAAA :robot:

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… :wink:


Sorry. That is obnoxious. My one consolation is that if the “writer” had to copy you, then chances are they can’t really write, will never get good ratings, and will end up doomed in limbo at the bottom of the stack, while you in your originality can get good reviews and lots of sales.


Imitation is perfectly fine but straight up copying is flat out idiotic, I say!

Thanks for trying to cheer me up, though. It worked somewhat. :smiley:


I know, right? And I thought the same thing, but one seller actually has about 20 ratings and they’re all 5 stars. o.O


When people take quotes word for word:
“good artists borrow, great artists steal.” - Pablo Picasso
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Lol, that can easily be taken out of context. By “steal,” I think he meant strategically imitate. Or take something you like and make it even better and more unique to you.

Funny thing is, I’ve been reading the book “Steal Like An Artist” By Austin Kleon lately. Maybe I should message those sellers with that book recommendation. :smiley:


That made me read your GIG descriptions, I must say you writers are awesome and so well organized… Please do not worry I am neither writer nor copying :smiley:


Lol, there are a lot of copied gigs on the site, if you type my gig description in search you will see exactly what I am talking about. I have spoken about this issue before.


My question is why don’t those inauthentic gigs get taken down? I mean, I’m not asking fiverr to go through and read everything all the time and compare gigs (that would take an eternity). HOWEVER, when it’s pointed out to them with screen shots, something needs to be done!


Lol, thank you! :smiley: I trust that you won’t be a plagiarizer.


That´s indeed the question, I remember someone recently posted here that their gig had been copied and CS did take it down. Did you follow up on your ticket?


I find there’s around 3 gigs per week posted with my exact details copied, I’ve even had instances in which people have used my picture. They’ll literally steal your face to get an order, even if they can’t deliver whats promised. CS tend to send them a message asking them to remove it then never follow up, around 50% seem to get removed.

The main issue I have with it, and I’m not sure if you’ve found the same, is that I’m regularly informed by potential buyers suspiciously asking why there are so many gigs displaying exactly the same content. It looks pretty unprofessional if they’re searching through.

I had an interesting message recently, one of these copycats sent me a message asking for help “wan sell resme and leter, help me.” and revealed that he’d read an article that told him to copy other gigs on Fiverr as a means of making additional income. Has anyone heard of these articles?


Articles means blogs and posts on other forums related to fiverr, they share ‘great’ tips like that and many others, which might also explain Eva’s amazement at how they got 5 star reviews if they need to copy a description word for word, I don´t want to write it more clearly to not give the wrong ideas or search terms to people who didn´t find those ‘resources’ yet. :wink:


Wow, that’s crazy! I just had a look at your gigs that you offer and they are weighty gigs (I’m a writer as well) and if they can’t handle writing their own gig they are going to crumble under what you offer.

This site sure can be crazy…I’m blame pewdiepie for sending the crazies.

Keep your head up!


I’ve had my gig description and images get stolen several times in the past.
Saw it happen to other sellers too.
Report to CS right away.
Sometimes I message them directly to take the d@mn thing down or else I’ll report them.
Sometimes I notify the original seller that their stuff has been copied.
So yeah, I try to get rid of them every time I come across them.

One time I messaged a person who copied my gig, asking if they can do a drawing for me,
and if she had other samples. She sent other “samples” (clearly not her work) and it took her a while to realize who I was.
Yeah, I reported her.
I guess people handle this situation differently, but I go angry-berserk mode when I see a gig
getting copied, so report report report.
Too bad I can’t wear a robe holding a bell, appear at their door step and chant



I’ve seen, on many occasions, different sellers with identical gigs, same pictures or both. Yes, it does look suspicious and since I don’t know who is legit, I avoid all of them.

I suppose the one with most review is the real deal, but then again the one with the highest price may be . . .

Ahhhh!!! I’m getting a headache, I don’t know, I just don’t know. :sob::sob::sob:


One interesting (if I can call it that) gig I came across a while ago was a translation gig where the profile image was this cute Asian girl, and she was doing well for a while but the account got closed. I’m guessing someone reported her since it was pretty clear she was not who she claimed to be.
Since I offer translations myself, similar gigs appear on my screen when I log in, and the funny thing is I see several different sellers using the image of the same girl.

OK, I get it, the girl is cute, but she looks way too young to be an experienced professional.
Maybe there is a thing going on where people think “if you use THAT particular girl, you’ll get orders” ???

At one point I was tempted to change the gig image to myself wearing a kimono ( and yes, I own a lot of them) and Photoshop-filter the heck out of myself to look prettier/younger than I actually am, just to see if I can attract more people :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, drink some hot tea. That should help with the headache :wink:


I received a generic response. That they will review this but can’t let me know what will be done. I let them know this has happened before and the fraudulent gig was never taken down. I didn’t receive any further responses. That tends to be trend, unfortunately.


I really like your avatar, besides you are already doing great. Changing something could hurt you vs help you.

I suppose a cute girl, of any nationality, could help with sales; otherwise, people wouldn’t be doing it. If their work quality is good, they’ll go on to be TRS. If the quality is bad, they’ll be forceably chased off.

It’s probably like trading or buying reviews. If the sellers is good, no one will be wiser; if it’s bad, real buyers will eventually, leave bad reviews.