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Sellers please do not send any request in the buyer request page


From someday I noticed my buyer request page is fully loaded by sellers request.
This is to inform you that In fiverr the buyer request page is only for the buyer.
If you are a seller then you can send offer in the buyer request page as a buyer if you have any work what you want to done by someone.
You have no right to send offer in the buyer request page as a seller.
This is very very disgusting.
No.1: No seller want to see your advertisement in the buyer request page.
No.2: Every Seller working hard to get job not to see what you can do for the buyer or your experience about your work.
No. 3: You are not getting work but the buyer request page is not the place where you can tell your story.
You may know fiverr team will reject your advertisement or offer if you send it in the buyer request page. You are sending anything in the buyer request page it means that it is a job offer, so if any seller will send offer to your request and if you will accept that you will have to pay for it.
If you do it too many time your account will be ban by the fiverr team, so do not send your works advertisement, experience, gig offer etc etc in the buyer request page.
Stay happy and keep the fiverr clean & clear.
Thankyou for reading.



I agree, too many sellers in the buyer’s section.


This has been an ongoing topic for a very long time… Please before launching another post try looking through the forum to see if it already exists.


Fiverr must have strict filters they must use REGEX to parse the strings or they must have a mod on request :slight_smile:


We been asking that not to post promotional about there gig on buyer request
but thy didn’t lessen… My guest is those seller are not using forum.


Agreed. The buyer request section has deteriorated considerably since sellers have started flooding it with their services.