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SELLERS PLEASE Don't SPAM Buyers Requests

If you are SELLER please don’t spam BUYERS REQUESTS no body is going to give your orders through a buyers request section only another seller is coming to that place to send requests.

I don’t know why Fiverr not taking any action against this at least BLOCKS those kind of sellers or ACCOUNT RESTRICTING WARNING?

I am new here I cannot see any buyers requests I only can see sellers posting their requests

I hope to see an update on that too fiverr is too busy changing UI but never look into this problem I guess

Thank you!
Sandy <3


well, I actually see some sellers getting offers in their selling gigs in that section, I love the way people work on fiver and don’t get what they read.

but I agree, most of the time I just ignored them

I have actually applied to one before… I felt so dumb, but the English was written so poorly it looked like the person was looking for a writer, not selling themselves as the writer. When the person responded they were like “Im writer too,” or something like that and I understood what happened… It’s incredibly frustrating. Haha


I like you laughing at the end of every reply you post.:innocent:

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