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Sellers please read this!

Guys, I am a seller on fiverr but had to buy a service so I switched to buying mode and posted a request according to the job I want.

In between my request I also added to start the your ( sellers) msg with “Hola” so that I can easily choose who completely read my request.

After 20 mins request started to appear and in those 15 requests no one started the msg with “Hola” so I was ignoring it.

But the real thing is that a seller directly messaged me! How? I didn’t accepted a single request yet. So I thought maybe it’s a buyer who is replying me on my replay as a seller. So she started the Conv with " hey " I did the same and then she said " I will do work you are, order me" ( poor English of her). I was shocked, this means she didn’t msged me as a buyer but a seller.

Thats not possible at all,I checked and found i didn’t replied any buyers request named her in last 7 days, so that means she 100% came to me with that buyers request I posted.

I blocked her on the point.

So before reporting an issue to fiverr I just want an opinion from you guys. What to do?

Is this a hacking or something? A bug?

Because if this is any kind of hacking or glitch it’s very bad for us as sellers, they are stealing our clients. And as of her language skill, we can predict her work. That client may never order again on fiverr. It’s serious.


You can see the names of those who create Buyer Requests if you are using the app. If that person is also a seller then they can directly message you. However, this is against the rules and can be reported as spam.


So should I report her?

So that means you can directly dm me with just my name?

If you can see someone’s username then you can find their profile on Fiverr.

You can report her if you want to, if it bothered you that much. It is against the TOS after all.

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Ok. Reporting her. BTW it’s wrong.

Yeah, I’m not sure why you can see usernames in the Buyer Request section when using the app. But it seems like Fiverr has bigger things they need to fix first, so who knows if this is going to be corrected.

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Yes, it is defined as spam.


Yes, Sellers can me messaged with just the profile name. However, doing so when not looking for an actual service means you can be marked as spam.

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I always say:

Hello, User Name,

Anytime you contact a seller or buyer via their inbox to ask for work it is Spam. :slightly_frowning_face:

Not only that it wastes the time of the seller. :confused:

I suggest you stop this practice to ensure you do not lose your account. :open_mouth:

You will be reported. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@vickiespencer I’ve done that and it invariably leads to more messages being sent to me. I’ve found myself getting more and more messages usually after I try explaining they are spamming. I’ve resorted to typing in all caps STOP SENDING ME MESSAGES and IM ABOUT TO REPORT YOU and still they continue sending me messages.

No good deed goes unpunished and trying to be kind backfires sometimes.

Just getting any response at all from someone seems to trigger them into a frenzy of messages, even when it’s a threat to report them.

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You should be passive-aggressive, not just aggressive :gift_heart:
The way I respond is completely to ignore what they have said and: Thank you for reaching out to me, I am happy you wish to order from me. My offer is 100$ for 1-hour work and I will perform amazing work on your request. OR Thank you, I am soo happy you are willing to do all this work for me for free, please let me know what else can you do for free?

I have one company from China persistent in sending me the offer to buy masks from them on which I reply Thank you for offering to send me 1000 of free mask in this hard time, my address is… This happens once a day.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: don’t forget to ask something for me next time. That will be a smooth answer BTW

It has always worked for me because as soon as I hit send I block and report them.

I also sometimes act like I misunderstand that they want to work for me and turn the tables on them with the following:

Dear User Name,

If you’re interested in making a purchase, please provide the following information:

1. Is the text in MS Word? (That is the only format in which I work.)
2. What kind of writing do you have for me to proofread?
3. How many words are in the text?
4. Which type of English do you use? American, British, Australian, or Canadian?
5. How soon do you need the work completed?
6. Are you willing to buy a rush fee for quicker delivery?