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Sellers Please Read This


Hi my Fellow Sellers,

I have been on fiverrr for more than 3 Years and have communicated with 1000s of new buyers. Now as sellers are increasing I am hearing a common complaint from many buyers these days, especially in my area - SEO. I have got many buyers who say that previously they ordered gig from other SEO seller and that guy is not explaining him that wheat he exactly did in his gig. This is BAD guys! As a buyer he has the right to know what you are doing for him. Obviously no one is expecting to get a magic in $5 but still he deserves a explanation.

So, my advice to all sellers is that be explanatory and clarify each doubt which your buyers have. If you do so you can rather make that buyer your long term buyer and hence more $$. Costumer is KING!! You should respect him.

Happy Fiverring!!


Definitely, buyer always has right to know what you are doing for him.

Thanks for your very practical advice.


Sure :slight_smile:


@best_seo - Great information to share! I just wanted to add a little something I learned that will go a long way in keeping a 100% positive rating:

Sometimes buyers will have doubt/questions/concerns and not express it to you. As a seller, you should take the initiative to send them a quick message after they order (as soon as you can of course), and let them know you are working on their order as it appears in queue, and if they have any questions OR concerns to ask you.

I know this may seem difficult for sellers who generate a very high volume of sales, but even if you write a template response and copy/paste it, it will be worth it.

I hope this bit of information helps you guys maintain a 100% positive rating by personalizing the customer service experience you are giving your buyers! :slight_smile:

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@freelancepromw True :slight_smile:


Reply to @freelancepromw: I am a completely new seller and haven’t made any sales yet, but I think your advice is a truly valuable one and thank you for it.




@ww_stashka Best of luck… Just keep stuck to the fiverr ToS and keep your buyers happy


very good advice.thanks for your useful post


This is great advice! Even for me, in resume proofing/editing, I noticed an increase in my ratings and the amount of people willing to tip me when I take the time to explain the changes I made. Certainly as a customer, I appreciate when the work is delivered, but there’s just something about realizing the actual work and time that a human put into it – really makes the interaction more satisfying, especially for the buyer. Great post!!!


Nice thought @amandygran… Yes, nowdays rankings are so dynamic and depends on many factors. Best way to keep good ratings is to do everything in best possible way.


Thanks =((


Reply to @best_seo: Thank you. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t agree more with best_seo, but I think this is symptomatic of a larger issue. Some people know how to make a buck, and others know how to run a business. Those of us that treat fiverr as a business, advocate on behalf of the buyer. Explaining what we do, and the value associated with our product is simply part of managing a successful business. The fact that we are obligated to delivery something for a minimum of $5 shouldn’t excuse us from servicing our own accounts responsibly/credibly.

Great post!


@tsweezey Main point which I want to convey to new seller is that Customer is King and we should respect and clarify his queries. I am a SEO Consultant and receive many buyers who are unsatisfied from other SEO gigs because those sellers never explained what they did for them. They just reply “I have done some magic on your URL” :slight_smile: Lol, if that seller is doing magic then he should simply write “I will do magic on your URL for $5” rather than "I will build high quality seo backlinks in $5"

Our perspectives can be different but main point is that we should respect buyer and explain him about our service in detail.


Amen @best_seo


So true you want to build that trust in your service with the customer. Trust can equal a repeat customer. :slight_smile:


Yes… I always try to retain buyer forever by providing best service and redoing things, if required. I also keep nothing secret . :slight_smile: