Sellers! Please stop spamming in the buyer request section!


I am totally annoyed with the buyer request section! Sellers are spamming there. Sellers have to understand that it’s not the place to spam in buyer request section. You have to understand that buyer request section is only for buyer request not for seller request. Please don’t spam there. May be fiverr will take action strongly against you! Please be careful about this :slight_smile: because, your fiverr account is your asset! It will help you to grow up with your freelancing career. Don’t try to destroy your fiverr account :slight_smile: Happy fiverr journey :slight_smile:


It’s been said before that the problem with these posts is that the people who you’re talking about probably won’t see them. In fact, I’m wondering if they even know how to create a Gig.

That said, I am left to wonder about the competence of whoever’s job it is to approve requests…


“That said, I am left to wonder about the competence of whoever’s job it is to approve requests…” - Exactly right.

The minute a seller spams buyer requests they should either have their account banned or restricted accordingly. It will always be harder for Fiverr to attract buyers who are more used to having freelancers bid for work rather than the Fiverr gig ecosystem the longer this goes on.


Went to BR yesterday in hopes of finding promising requests only to discover page after page after page of sellers advertising their services. I click Remove Request but what exactly does that do? Does it report or just remove things from my view?


I’m pretty sure it just removes it from your view, so yeah, just a placebo.


From what I can tell observing, Fiverr is trying out a few things from automated removals to manual removals with varying success. Automated is very hit or miss and sometimes punishes real buyers and leaves up spammers, but automation is hard to completely avoid with the staff to user ratio. The automated part is going to look like it’s done with incompetence since we can’t see the back end. :wink: Manual removal is more effective but take a lot of person-power. I suspect that Fiverr is going to struggle with that whole balance for some time to come. I find BR still useful in the meantime, but going through the same growth pains as the rest of the site. I recommend dealing with it through a combination of denial, beer, and occasional attempts to still use the feature appropriately!

Posts like this do go up all the time and end up getting moved to Rants because they really don’t do much to improve anything. Discuss!